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Found! Inexpensive Full Length Floor Mirror

After months of searching – I finally found one! Beautiful full length floor mirror for just under a hundred dollars (on sale). Not bad, considering the competition. If you’re looking for a good floor mirror that won’t break the bank, keep reading.

Floor mirrors can be ridiculously expensive. While I think they are investment pieces and worth the money, I don’t know how many people have hundreds and thousands of dollars to spend on a single piece. This definitely wasn’t in my budget right now.

Full-Length Floor Mirror 11 - Decor Tip

So I set out to find the biggest, most beautiful, and cheapest full-length floor mirror. This looking in the mirror was frustrating to say the least. In many cases, the pictures do not match the description, so you have to read the fine print. I was seeing a giant floor mirror in the picture and then realizing it was too small when I read the description. annoying.

Full length arched floor mirror in dining room

This mirror I got from Walmart is 71 inches long and 26 inches wide. Height was more important to me than width. Everything else I looked at that size was more money (and in some cases a lot more). I wanted as long as I could get for the price.

While I wasn’t expecting much, this floor mirror surprised me. It’s not heavy but it feels like it is. It has a curved top and a black frame around it and the mirror is shatterproof so it arrived in one piece! This was a great buy for the price which is why I’m sharing it with you here.

Close-up view of the black frame around the mirror
A full-length arched floor mirror leans against the wall

I have this ottoman in my dining room and it is great for reflecting light around the room and making a statement on one of the walls. It comes with a stand so you don’t need to lean on it, but I prefer that look.

Close view of the mirror stand

Although I love this mirror, I will eventually need to expand into this room. I’ll probably end up giving the mirror to my daughter and upgrade to a large mirror when I get the money. But you can’t beat this price! I believe that these mirrors will always have a place in your home, whether it is a bedroom, guest room or living room.

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More options for full length floor mirror

In my research, BeautyPeak and NeuType mirrors seem to stand out for their popularity and quality of mirrors. If you are willing to spend a a little little more; You can get widths up to 32 inches. And if you want to spend a lot more; You can go up to 84 inches long and up to 34 inches wide.

350 - Decoration tip

If you want to take out a second mortgage (Haha), you can buy beautiful mirrors like the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror, the Infinity Mirror from CB2 and the Amelie Mirror from Arhaus. These mirrors are 84 inches long and 64 inches wide in some cases. Wooza.

350 - Decoration tip

If you like the look of Primrose Mirror, check out this post on Primrose Mirror lookalikes.

Arched mirror with black trim on the wall

Do I regret not spending more to get a wider mirror? Yes yes I do. My husband wanted it to be slimmer, and I wanted it to be wider, so we compromised on that measurement halfway through. But it works now and is a really good buy if you are in the market.

For more ideas about mirrors, check out our DIY Antique Mirror and DIY Antique Mirror. Both frugal tires!

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