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I find gift wrapping a lot of fun. It’s a very healing activity for me. I put on some holiday music, set out my supplies, and pack them. I enjoy making those little boxes look pretty!

Today, I’m highlighting some of my favorite holiday gift wrappers this season!

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Minted gift wrap

Quiet They have a very nice collection this year and they are now offering rolls of wrapping paper for those interested.

I’m still obsessed with the gorgeous William Morris Patterned wrapping paper Be impressed. And of course, I’ve always loved the simple, earthy look of gifts wrapped in brown paper.

A detailed report on favorite holiday gifts

Merry Market Gift Wrapping Sets

If you want something complete, I love these gift wrap sets Fun market. These kits come with wrapping paper, ribbons and gift tags – everything you need to elegantly wrap 25 gifts.

They have two different collections, one more traditional and one more modern. I love them both, but I’m showing you the more modern combination here.

Favorite holiday gift wrap

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