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Fall Garlands to Celebrate Cozy Season

I don’t want summer to ever end, but for all the planners out there, I have to tackle the obvious—fall. swallowing. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited and start planning for the future! It’s never too early to start planning your fall decor! Here are some suggestions to help prepare your home for the colder months and shed your crafty inhibitions!

1. Leaf wreath

You know how much I love a good wreath. This rainbow leaf wreath will welcome the beautiful colors of fall into your home! Place it on a mantle or over a door to bring in the warmth of the season.

2. Rustic pinecone wreath

Bring a touch of the outdoors indoors with a rustic pinecone wreath. Gather pinecones from your backyard or local garden and dust them with a little dust and a little shine. Tie them together using sturdy rope or jute rope, leaving a small gap between each pinecone. You can mix them in with small faux leaves, acorns, or even small pumpkins for an extra fall touch.

3. Falling leaves

Here is another fall decoration to try! Take real, gold-colored leaves and layer them to create a ribbon of fall leaves. I always like to use what we have in the wild.

4. Garland’s bountiful corn harvest

Celebrate the harvest season with a wreath featuring colorful corn cobs. Start by drying the corn cobs, either in a well-ventilated area or in the oven on a low heat. Once dry, paint the beads in rich fall shades like deep red, orange, and yellow. Tie corn cobs together using twine or thin wire, and hang them along a wall or over a door for a rustic and cheerful fall display.

5. Magnolia Garland Leaf

Greenery isn’t just for summer. And it extends into fall too! This magnolia paper wreath is perfect for a banister, mantle, or entryway. Can you guess what it consists of?!

Magnolia leaf Garland leaf

6. Mini pumpkin delight

Nothing says fall like pumpkins. Create a charming wreath using miniature pumpkins or faux pumpkins made from materials such as felt or fabric. Paint pumpkins in traditional fall colors or try metallic shades for a modern twist. Tie them with sturdy string, and voila – a cheerful pumpkin wreath that can decorate your fireplace, entryway, or even your dining table.

7. Paper garland

Simple green paper wreath. This can be used at any time of the year. However, it would be a great choice for fall to keep green all year long. I like to keep them in a box and take them out for celebrations.

8. The warmth of a cinnamon stick

Infuse your space with the relaxing scent of cinnamon by making a wreath out of cinnamon sticks. Gather cinnamon sticks of similar lengths and tie them together with decorative ribbon or twine. You can also incorporate dried orange slices, cloves, or star anise for extra warmth and fragrance. Hang this fragrant garland in your kitchen or living room for a sensory fall experience.

9. Autumn wreath

This isn’t exactly a fall wreath. But it falls within the fall theme and would be a great addition. This is a unique twist on the fall wreath. It takes brightly colored flowers to welcome the cool weather. A happy addition to your front door!

Wreath made of dried flowers

10. The rainbow pumpkin

Not technically a wreath, but it serves a similar purpose. Here’s how to turn an artificial pumpkin into a bow. Here’s how to make it!

This fall, embark on a creative journey to bring your home to life with the magical spirit of the season. With these DIY fall wreath ideas, you’ll be able to bring fall warmth and magic into your living space. Get ready to welcome the beauty of fall into your home, one wreath at a time!

These are great projects for embracing the change in the seasons! Start the fall season off right with this adorable wreath! For more ideas, check out our website pinterest The board is here!


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