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Fall bedding refresh (with matching pjs!)

If you remember, we have this ongoing partnership with Spoon flower Every season we replace Jasper’s room with new bedding (this is our spring/summer season). I’ve been looking forward to this since January when we first discussed the project because I love the idea of ​​transformation and highlighting each season’s transformation with something visual. I also love the idea that bedding can completely change the look of an entire room. I was initially worried about how much of a change that could actually be given that he has this huge yellow bed – really how much can you do? Turns out a lot! Let’s dive into our fall bedding update.

In the fall, I wanted to try out the boy’s room and girl’s room again, you know, for the girl I don’t have. I really wanted to play up the fall vibes with some of the season’s colors — those rusty reds, burnt oranges, and bright yellows — without making it scream “Hi, my name is Autumn.” Of course, I put a lot of thought into the Halloween theme, but I wanted to make a little out of it and keep it going throughout the season. Not to mention, I literally spent hours looking at every Halloween pattern on their site (you can see everything I was looking at here).

Renovated bedding in the boy’s room

I found this very traditional indeed Hunting scene by PonyMacaroni And I loved it for the boy’s room. After I got married and moved to Copenhagen where Paul lives, we took a short walk to Jægersborg Dyrehave, the site of the Royal Hunting Lodge (or former hunting lodge), and it was absolutely charming. There were a lot of deer with huge antlers everywhere. It probably wasn’t the right time to go because they were so hot, but we came out at sunset and I remember this beautiful golden light, very similar to the golden color of Jasper’s bed. We also later took pictures of Kinfolk at the same spot for an Easter outing with friends, which was a lot of fun.

The colors in this hunting scene were perfect with the yellow. It showed a nice basic color scheme of blue and red, then some green and of course yellow. I loved the idea of ​​adding the deep green hunting color and some brown to capture the change of the season. I used it for curtains and some pillows.

When I found out I was going to go into equestrian, I did a deep dive into more equestrian and found some beautiful patterns that go with the main style like Horses are repeated on the green, Smaller horses In the color of these beautiful equestrian trousers, Leather bridleAnd even some The knights are hilarious This sparked a fun discussion between me and Jasper-ha! He was so confused. Finally, I wanted to anchor everything with a cool plaid so I brought that Red rust And I added in a Green manoushe On the window seat.

Now, for the grand finale. When you work with a company that makes sheets, pillows, duvet covers, and fabrics, you also make matching PJsssssssssss (said in an Oprah voice). I had to do it! I have used this Cute patternAnd our team’s Casey used the organic cotton fabric option to achieve the full magic. Can you even?! Honestly, this organic cotton fabric is a dream. It’s soft and comfortable – exactly how you want to sleep in it.

I can post pictures of my kids all day long – someone stop me quick!

Fall bedding update for a girl’s room

Now, on to my daughter’s imaginary room. This is where I wanted to try designing one pattern. Have you seen those traditional rooms where one pattern is done everywhere?! I’m also thinking about going back to Bedroom of Chloe Sevigny’s apartment in the East Village Where the wallpaper is on the ceiling, walls, bed, etc. I wasn’t crazy, but you better believe I wanted to. I loved it Thistle and Star Pattern by Danica Herrickwhich felt very Fall Folk to me, which I just tapped into because I want Fall Folk to have a moment.

The colors feature rust red, warm mustard and olive green that go great with the yellow bed. It felt perfect for fall. I used it on the duvet cover, sheets, pillows, curtains, wallpaper, and seat, but then I threw some solid woven pillows and simple plaids into the bed to add some variety.

Now, just like the boys’ magic, I wanted something that would fit the room – because I’m more that way. I found the most beautiful Laura Ashley vintage style And Casey used organic cotton fabric again to transform into the most beautiful nightgown. I like it very much! Note – I will reduce the size. It’s a little too big for me, but it’s for sleeping so it’s great.

And here I am looking like a lady of the palace, which is what I always thought I should be ;).

Well, that’s all for now. Let me know if you have any questions/comments in the comments below. I’m also curious – do you rotate your bedding every season? I really love this new tradition!

This post is sponsored by Spoonflower, our long-time partner! Thanks for supporting the brands we love!

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