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Elf Arrival Letter (Free Printable)

Elf on shelf letter with wreath on red background

Whether you’re welcoming your elf to the shelf this first time or welcoming them in for another year with the family, why not make it more fun and easy with a free printable elf arrival letter? Nothing brings more excitement in our house than knowing our elf is coming. This message makes that moment even more magical!

We’ve provided some printable versions of the letters, whether you want the elf to come with their pre-written poem, so all you have to do is press print, or a blank template where you can write your own note. No matter what, your kids are sure to be excited to wake up to this letter next to their elf on December 1st!

Elf on shelf arrival letter template

How to use an elf welcome message

Elf on the Shelf, or other similar daily visitor traditions, are a magical and whimsical addition to your holiday season. It brings such excitement to the kids every December morning. They really like it!

On the first day your elf shows up, it’s a good idea to have a letter with him telling (or reminding!) your kids why he’s there and how much fun he likes to have.

Make sure your elf signs the letter with their name and places it next to your elf in the first hiding place. You can also place it next to the genie’s door, if that’s how he enters your house!

How to print your Elf’s arrival message

We have provided you with four templates that you can choose from when printing your welcome letter.

Click the button below the letter you wish to use to download the PDF file to your computer.

Message of the goblin’s arrival for the goblin’s first visit

Elf on the shelf arrival letter template on red background

Is this the first year your elf has joined your home? Here’s a message to announce his arrival! We have provided a pre-written poem and a blank template depending on what you prefer (or how much time you have).

Elf on the shelf message arrives
Elf welcome message template

Print on computer paper using a regular InkJet or Laser printer.

Fill out the letter, if using the blank template, or simply sign the elf’s name at the bottom!

Goblin arrival message for the return of the elves

Elf on shelf, arrival message on red background with felt Christmas lights

Is your elf coming home after his year at the North Pole? This message is just for you! We both have a “I’m back!” A poem and a blank template for you to choose from.

Message the imp arrives
Elf arrival message template

Print on computer paper using a regular InkJet or Laser printer.

Fill out the letter, if using the blank template, or simply sign the elf’s name at the bottom!

Easy Elf on Shelf Ideas

A small elf door lay on the table with a candy cane

Once your elf arrives, tradition says that he hides in a different place every morning. Sometimes, he plays funny tricks too!

We’ve created an easy Elf on the Shelf cheat sheet to help you come up with actionable ideas for every day of December so that tradition is fun and stress-free! We add a new list every year, so there are always plenty of goblin tricks and ideas to try after he arrives.

Where to buy elf on the shelf

Don’t have your own elf yet? You can purchase Elf on the Shelf at the link below! They come in different skin tones and genders so you can choose the best elf for your child or family!

The Elf also comes with a book you can fill out with the start date of your tradition and the name of your elf. Great souvenir!

Messages of the imp arriving on the shelf

More Christmas traditions

Looking for other Christmas traditions to start with your family? Here are some of our favorites:

I hope this free printable Elf on the Shelf arrival letter will be a fun addition to your Elf experience! Enjoy this fun family tradition throughout December and beyond…if your kids can convince your elf to come early next year. Ha!


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