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Easy DIY Handprint Ornament: A Precious Keepsake Guide

Learn the easiest way to make handprint jewelry! Little kids love Christmas handprints! Create special memories with these three cute and easy Christmas craft ideas. Great fun for kids and they make great gifts. Santa, Christmas tree and reindeer ornament options.

Required Skills: Beginner. You’ll roll out the clay, add baby’s handprints, and then paint. You can choose to paint or have your child paint these Christmas handprints. It’s really up to you!

How to make handmade jewelry

I have a wonderful tradition you need to start for Christmas – when your children or grandchildren are little. Make a Hand Print Jewelry!

This is a holiday tradition my mom and I started with our niece this year, and we wish we’d started when she was much younger (she’s 5 now).

We dream of a Christmas tree surrounded by lots of handprint ornaments, starting small and getting bigger. I wonder if my niece will let us make jewelery with our own hands until she turns 18?

It might be nice but I don’t know if she would be ready for it! However, don’t you think it’s a fun idea?

I am going to show you the easiest way to make this kids Christmas craft using air dry clay below. you don’t have to mix anythingWhich is fine by me!

you will learn how to make Easy way to make Santa’s handprint, a Christmas tree and a reindeer ornament. These are so cute!

PS – We have a salt dough recipe if you want it, and you don’t mind mixing! Don’t forget to check out our other easy holiday handprint crafts!

Three ideas for handprinted ornaments - reindeer, Christmas tree, Santa

collect these supplies

Ideas on this project:

To add additional clay, I lifted the original piece and added another piece. Then I turned it in my hands to mix it and rolled it out again. I did this by crushing another piece at the end and creating a visible line.

You can give your kids non-sharp knives (there are specific clay knives) and let them do the cutting depending on their age. Otherwise, Mom or Dad (or another adult) should cut the clay.

Air-dry clay is not white – so if you want the edges white as I did (to make the painting look attractive), you will have to use white acrylic paint.

I suggest using a cookie sheet to keep these in place while they dry. This may take a few days and then you can move them around as needed.

View final results. , , ,

Christmas tree

hand printed christmas tree ornaments


Reindeer Handprint Christmas Ornament


Santa Handprint Ornament

Get how to get the printable cards for this project below!

prep time
10 minutes

active time
1 Hour

dry time
12 hours

total time
13 hours 10 minutes


Estimated cost


  • air dry soil

  • Acrylic Paint – Washable/Kid Safe

  • mod Podge

  • mini pom poms

  • shiny foam

  • wobbly eyes

  • Baker’s Twine

  • Sharpie

  • wax paper


  • Rolling pin

  • paint brushes

  • knife or craft knife

  • Scissors

  • hot glue gun

  • cookie sheet


One thing I did was stick baker’s twine into a dab of hot glue, which I applied to the back of the ornament, then applied more hot glue on top to really secure it. They’re pretty heavy and I didn’t want them falling off the tree.

Did you make this project?

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What do you think of these Christmas handprints? Which handprint jewelery is your favourite? I’d love to know in the comments! I would also love for you to check out the following projects:


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