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Drinks For New Year | Homemade Alcoholic Drinks Recipes

We’ve rounded up 20 alcoholic drink recipes for the New Year that you can mix at home to cheer you up for the year ahead!

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Toast 2019 with these cocktail drinks for the New Year

1. Lychee Martinis

Add warmth to your drinks for the New Year by adding a tropical flavor. Lychee gives an intoxicating aroma This martini recipe is from Martha Stewart A warm contrast to the cool of the season.

2. Blue Sparkling Star Cocktail

These jewel-toned sparkly drinks are definitely perfect for New Year’s Eve festivities. To make sparkling star cocktails Glass Rims Dip the rim of your champagne glasses in blue cocktail sugar.

3. Almond Mocha

This Nutty Mocha Liqueur Mix Recipe A bit of cooking and mixing is required, but you will definitely be proud of your homemade. With this drink, you’ll enjoy your grown-up cup of hot cocoa while partying this New Year!

4. Limoncello and Prosecco cooler with raspberries

A refreshing and light Italian cocktail, This fruity prosecco cooler Will absolutely rock your New Year’s Eve party! You simply mix sparkling wine and limoncello liqueur, add fresh raspberries and then garnish with mint.

5. Strawberry Bellini

A bellini is traditionally made with peaches, but for your New Year’s Eve party, try making it with fresh strawberries instead. If you’re digging a strawberry champagne cocktail for a party, look no further than this one.

You will love its fruity taste This is the Strawberry Bellini recipe With a hint of citrus in this drink!

6. Champagne punch with ginger and orange

A New Year’s Eve party shouldn’t be without a good bowl of punch and we have it Here are the best champagne punch recipes. Those frozen cranberries and basil leaves really add a charming holiday touch to your New Year’s Eve cocktails!

7. Australian Peach Bellini

Here, we are with one The Original Peach Bellini Recipe. We warn you though.

You won’t resist the irresistible appeal of this fruity boozy drink.

8. White Grape and Champagne Granita

Winter be cursed because you dare not make this icy Italian frozen drink made with pure grapes and wine. You stare into your glass and say New Year’s cheers White grape and champagne granita drink!

9. Champagne Jello Shot

Still hunting for champagne drinks for the New Year? Check out this Champagne Jello Shot recipe – Champagne + Jello = Cheers!

Rock your New Year’s Eve party with these jello shots and have fun!

10. Spiced Apple Cider New Years Cocktail

Any DIY buff who happily plans their own parties knows that it’s hard to please everyone. But, we tried anyway, and This spiced apple cider recipe Comes up with mixed ideas that might just work.

You can add vodka or rum for a festive bouquet or white wine for wine country fanatics. And, how about a splash of carbonated water for those who want to lay off the booze?

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11. Sparkling Orange Sunrise Cocktail

If you want to try something different this year, This sparkling orange sunrise cocktail recipe A must try. It’s good to add a bright sunny color to your drinks.

It will be a symbolic drink that you can toast to the arrival of a new day.

12. Sparkling Cranberry Rose

If you like a touch of elegance in your cocktail drinks, you’ll appreciate its subtlety This sparkling cranberry rose recipe. You’ll also love mixing this drink recipe yourself because of the interesting process.

13. Champagne Martini

Combine the flavors Champagne and margaritas For a fun cocktail perfect for your party planning. This is a fun and interesting way to enjoy your champagne this year.

14. Snickerdoodle Martinis

You are in for a double treat This is the snickerdoodle martinis recipe. You’ll get aromas and a bit of pastry flavor with your booze—and not just any booze, rumchata.

Rumchata Definition: A creamy liqueur made from sweet spices, rum and cream and can be added to all types of alcoholic beverages.

If you haven’t tried this drink before, it will be an amazing treat for the New Year!

15. Grasshopper Drink

Although this drink seems more appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go This is the grasshopper drink recipe A try on New Year’s Eve. Who can resist a drink with a hint of mint and chocolate?

16. Appletini

Tickle your taste buds with this perfect combination of sweet and sour This is the appletini recipe. To make this drink for the New Year, simply add ice to your shaker, then add all the ingredients, shake it up and strain it into your martini glass.

17. Pomegranate Punch

Pomegranate is a healthy fruit, and what you will make here is almost a healthy drink in moderation. With pomegranate, your punch gets a natural color from the seeds or arils.

Party ’til you drop with This is bright and vibrant pomegranate punch With or without alcohol.

18. Cranberry Mimosas

This is the Cranberry Mimosa It is surprisingly easy to make as you only need three ingredients to mix. All you have to do is mix brut prosecco or champagne and cranberry juice, adjusting the amount to your taste.

Don’t forget to throw some fresh cranberries in each glass for a festive look.

19. French 75

How about this festive and equally delicious cocktail to kick off the booze on New Year’s Eve? This legendary gin and champagne combination really packs a punch!

20. Lee’s Mojitos

Start 2019 with a refreshing alcoholic drink of your own making and mix yourself up! Mix soda and rum in this herb-infused drink Sure to get the party started and your guests wanting more.

For a DIY New Year’s Eve party, you’ll love these party budget ideas in this video by Miss Michelazzi:

Planning a fabulous New Year’s Eve party that’s better than last year’s can be nerve-wracking, but we’ve got you covered.

Dinner menu recipes, all clear! DIY table setting, done! Dinner party attire, check! Invited to a New Year’s Eve party? All sent!

For your drinks for the New Year, let’s welcome 2019 with these alcoholic drink recipes! Have a fun time planning your New Year’s Eve DIY friends and have a prosperous New Year too!

Did you enjoy our list of alcoholic drinks for the New Year? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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