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DIY Paper Passion Fruit Flower

If you missed it, we just launched our Lime Ricki swimwear collection on Tuesday and the response has been overwhelming! Thank you all for your support! The collection is inspired by Brazil, one of my favorite countries, where I lived for two years. One of the suits features a wonderfully inspiring passion fruit flower. I decided to make some large passion fruit flowers out of paper for a photo shoot and I loved the results! I thought they would make great party decorations, especially if you’re going for a tropical theme or just want something fun and exciting. You could definitely scale them down and make some as a bouquet or a wreath or something like that. I think I’ll try this myself sometime and have them decorate our office! Here’s the complete DIY!

Passion fruit flowers





1 hour (it will take less time the more you do it)


To make the flower

  1. Cut 8 petal templates so the crepe paper is vertical. Gently stretch the petals until they wrinkle in the middle. The shape should curl inward to the flower.

  2. Cut an 8-inch circle from the same colored cardstock paper.

  3. Glue the petals to the circle where shown on the template. Squeeze them together slightly at the base and then wrap them around the center. You can also adjust this at the end.

  4. To make the gift, cut an 8-inch-wide strip of crepe against the direction of the fabric and gently stretch it. Cut 6.5-inch slices into a crepe. Twist the strips until they turn into fringe. Glue them to the center of the flower in 2-3 inch sections. Curl the base of the fringe with your scissors until it’s curled in the middle.

  5. Cut a circle of crepe paper to cover the edges of the petals in the middle of the flower.

  6. Cut a rectangle about 5 inches wide and about 5 inches long on the crepe paper against the direction of the grain. Form it into a cylinder like a toilet paper roll and stick it together. Make 3/4-inch slits in the bottom and stick in the center of the flower.

  7. Cut 5, 7″ strips of crepe paper aligned with the grain of the crepe paper.

  8. Cut 5 bean shapes from the crepe and stick them on the ends of the strips. Roll the strips with scissors until they curl outside the toilet paper roll. Adhere the strips to the shape of the toilet paper roll. Make sure it looks like it’s curling from the roll.

  9. Flower fluff. Make sure the petals curl inward.

To make the stems

  1. Cut a piece of crepe paper about 3/4 inch thick against the grain. Gently stretch the paper. You will need several of these strips to wrap around the trunk.

  2. Use 2 lb wire and cut about 3.5-4 inches. You’ll want it to be curly so there’s no need to straighten it.

  3. Connect the back rail to the wire. Leave a 4-inch section of wire empty and then begin wrapping the crepe paper around the supporting wire/rod. Secure with glue at the base. When you run out, stick another piece of crepe paper on it. Glue at the end.

  4. Secure the 5-inch bare wire to the back of the flower head. Tape with duck tape. Add a piece of cardstock to the strip so you can’t see it’s rectangular or circular.

  5. Each flower should have at least 1-2 additional tendrils. Part of the trunk wrapping, add another swirling piece of 2-3 inch wire, but this time no supporting rod, while winding. You will wrap this piece of wire separately in crepe paper. This will help the flower feel the swirl.

To make papers

  1. Use the template to make 5 sheets

  2. Stick a piece of floral wire to the back of the flower center about 4-5 inches from the end.

  3. You can wrap a small piece of crepe paper around each piece of wire. I didn’t do it for this, but if you’re worried about seeing the wire, do it now. The crepe paper should be about 3/4 inch long against the grain.

  4. To make a deck of cards, start with the longest card in the middle. Add a second sheet of paper on the side and wrap it around.

  5. Add a third sheet on the other side of the middle sheet and twist them together.

  6. Add another card underneath, placing it in the middle of the stack. Repeat on the other side.

  7. Now, with a 3/4-inch piece of crepe paper cut at the grain, apply glue on top and wrap it around the stems all the way around.

Differences in Passion Fruit Flower

Obviously I took a lot of liberties with the colours, but the first one I tried was more realistic, with the exact colors of the flower, showing that you can do whatever you want! You can make the petals smaller, wider, longer, whatever!


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