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DIY laptop case – The House That Lars Built

It’s Handmade Back to School Week! We’ve shared an awesome lunch bag (Did you see it?! I mean, come on!) that’s a DIY laptop bag today. We have a lot New fun fabrics in our store Back-to-school projects are a great way to show personality and excitement. As we all know, a lot of tech gadgets are either too stylish or too boring, so making a colorful clipboard is a great solution to combat that.

Baguette laptop cover bag

Choose the perfect fabric

Creating a canvas laptop bag starts with choosing the perfect fabric. You can grab one from your fabric library or if you’re looking for something new, check out our bold floral collection, where this water lilies print is from. Consider the color palette and patterns that match your personal style. Whether you lean toward pastel dreams or vibrant bursts of energy, there’s a tapestry just right for you. Remember, the goal is to give your laptop case your own uniqueness, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild.

Baguette laptop cover bag

laptop cover shape

I love the Baggu Quilted Round Closure Laptop Sleeve and used it for our inspiration. We mixed together a few details of the pattern to make the DIY process easier, and then thought about what we really wanted to see in a laptop bag. Our sewing intern, Casey, who is in college, mentioned that she didn’t like going to class and then making the Velcro make a loud noise, so we removed that detail and added tape because the tape is too very Nice

Besides the practicality of protecting your laptop, this DIY project provides a therapeutic escape from the digital world. The rhythmic hum of a sewing machine, the tangible experience of working with fabric, the joy of seeing your creation come to life – all these elements combine to create a deeply satisfying crafting experience.

DIY laptop case




2 hours


DIY laptop case

  1. Print out the Lars laptop bag pattern and place it on the two fabrics to cut out. This is a simple project, so you’ll only have 2 pieces! (outer and lining)

  2. Cut two pieces of quilt filling a little smaller than the pieces of fabric.

  3. Pin each piece of batting to the outer and lining pieces. According to the pattern, make marks with a pen or pin the top of the fabric where you will sew the padding to the fabric in strips to give a quilted look. To make sure the lines stay straight, pick a point on the fabric to watch where your foot will go and the needle along the way. If you are doing a solid color, tape a piece of paper to your presser foot which will be a line guide

  4. Once you have the two pieces of fabric sewn, trim the excess thread at both ends and place the two sides of the fabric pattern together and pin. Don’t sew yet because you need to insert the tape into the top of the curved flap. Lay one piece of your tape across the top of the curved flap, keeping it across the seam but between the fabrics. So, when you’re sewing, the tape won’t stick out, it’ll just be sandwiched between the two pieces of fabric inside. Sew a ½ inch seam allowance all the way around, leaving a 6 inch hole at the bottom where you will turn it inside out.

  5. Turn the case inside out!

  6. Press the seams until everything is nice and flat. Top stitch the bottom hole closed. Fold this bottom seam over once and sew to create a neat “hem.” This is the case when the body is folded halfway to create the case, it will look nice and complete.

  7. Almost there! – Take the bottom of this strip of fabric (the flat end) and fold it up so it’s just below where the curved flap starts. This creates where the laptop can actually enter! Match the outer fabric together, then staple and sew a 1/4-inch seam allowance on both sides.

  8. Flip inside out and press!

  9. Fold the top flap down to find where to put the bottom strap, pin the strap in place and, while using matching thread, hand-sew the bottom strap to the top of the case. Sew back and forth twice to secure it well. Cut the ends of the tape diagonally!

  10. Put your laptop inside, close it up and tie it with a cute bow, and you’re ready to go!

In a world filled with mass-produced items, there’s something truly special about creating a custom laptop bag that reflects your personality. With our fabrics Shop, you can craft a case full of colorful charms and charms. From selecting the perfect fabric to adding thoughtful details, every step of the process is an opportunity to give your creation your own unique spin.

So, gather your materials, unleash your creativity, and start your joy-making journey. With this canvas laptop bag that you have made with love, you will not only carry your laptop in style, but also carry a piece of your creative spirit wherever you go. We can’t wait to see what you make of it! And when you tag us #lars_mix So we can all see it!


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