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DIY ornaments for children collage from photos

During the holiday season, don’t miss these cheerful Christmas decoration ideas for kids! Kids will love using their creativity and having some family fun during the special holiday season. You can find unique decoration ideas for kids of all ages, and even adults will love making these festive decorations!

Christmas decoration ideas for kids

When the kids are on winter break from school, get ready for some fun craft days with these creative DIY Christmas decorations for kids!

Popsicle stick trains

Lollipop stick train Christmas decorations on marble table

These lollipop train decorations are perfect for kids to make as keepsakes for themselves when they grow up! Or gift it to grandparents and family members. It’s easy for kids of all ages to draw and participate, but you may have to do the gluing part if your kids are young!

Lollipop gingerbread houses

Gingerbread lollipop stick decorations scattered on a marble table.

These easy and festive gingerbread house decorations are easy to make using popsicle sticks and a few other craft supplies! These would be great to make for a school project and send to parents as a little holiday gift.

Circus animal cookies

DIY circus animal cookie ornament hanging on a pink tree.

They may make you want to eat some cookies, but these circus animal cookie decorations are so adorable and easy to make! Made from typical magic clay, it’s safe for the whole family to share!

Popsicle stick christmas windows

Marble popsicle stick christmas window decoration

Christmas window decorations are great for a wide range of ages, since the tasks range from very easy to a little more difficult! Add a photo to personalize these ornaments. I find that decorations with pictures are what my kids are most excited to put on the tree each year!

Donut decorations

DIY donut decoration hanging on a pink tree.

We all know someone who absolutely loves cake, right? These adorable donut decorations are great for kids to make and as gifts for teachers or friends alike. Once the donut shape is ready, kids of all ages can draw their own donut just the way they want.

Coincidence angels

Seashell angel motifs on a multicolored background.
Image from Hello Gorgeous

These amazing seashell angels are perfect if you have some extra seashells in your home! Repurpose them into a fun project for the whole family. Get creative with your colors and decorations!

Clothespins people ornaments

Clothespins were decorated in the shape of people and turned into ornaments hung on a tree.
Photo of the house that Lars built

These vintage clothespin ornaments are so cute and give off a vintage vibe! These are aimed more at older children, since the drawing and decorating are a bit more complex. But they don’t have to be perfect, anyone can participate!

Salt dough Santa imprint ornaments

Santa head Christmas ornament on tan cloth.
Image from Cooley Kuiper Art

If you’ve never used salt dough to make decorations, you’re in for a fun day of crafts! Salt dough is very easy to make and budget-friendly, and it will bake into a fairly solid and sturdy texture. This Santa is a great Christmas ornament for kids because you can use their little handprint and keep this ornament to see how much they grow each year!

Rudolph ornaments

A person holding a purple ornament that resembles Rudolph.

Simple Rudolph decorations can get the whole family involved! This cute little Rudolphs toy uses only 3 craft supplies and instantly puts you in the Christmas spirit. Teachers, these are the perfect preschool Christmas decorations for your classroom!

Shell mosaic

Shell mosaic decoration on a plate.
The picture almost makes it perfect

These shell mosaic ornaments are especially exciting if you have a little rock collector in the family! I know my kids love picking up their favorite looking rocks and seashells, and adding them to the decorations will mean a lot. Plus, they end up looking so pretty!

Ice balls

Snow globe decorations with colored pencils next to them.
Image of cheerfully crafted

These DIY snow globe decorations are great for young children who are learning to draw and use their creativity! Or you can use it to display one of your favorite photos. Any decorations that contain a photo make great gifts for parents, grandparents, teachers, or aunts and uncles!

Popsicle stick shaped snowflakes

Popsicle stick snowflake decoration on brick background.
A picture of childhood magic

This is another great decoration idea for all ages. It’s easy to paint, create snowflake shapes, and then decorate everyone The little balls and paint your kids will want! In addition, these craft materials are not easily found.

Ballet dancers

Ballerina Christmas decorations lined up in a row.
Image from Mama’s Notes

How cute is this little ballerina? Not only are they delicious, they’re extra special to make with the family! I think these would be great for older kids to work on and let their creativity really shine.

Clay Christmas tree ornaments

Two homemade Christmas tree ornaments hanging on a tree.
A picture of my mother in the crazy house

Using air-drying clay, these mini Christmas tree ornaments couldn’t be easier! Let your kids use their fingerprints to decorate using all their favorite colors. As seen in the movie Mom in the Crazy House, write down the year to remind you how much time passes each year you put it on the tree!

Elf and reindeer handprint ornaments

Hand prints turned into Christmas decorations.
Picture of the best ideas for children

Use your hands as art! These charming salt dough reindeer ornaments are a great craft for little ones. If your child loves making crafts, have him make one of each!

Gingerbread ornaments

Gingerbread man ornament hanging on a tree.
A picture of a beautiful suburban life

These little gingerbread ornaments are not only beautiful, but they’re scented too! The scent will remind you of the cozy and comforting scent of gingerbread and keep you in the Christmas spirit. Since they look and smell like cookies, be sure to remind your kids that they are inedible!

Rudolph Reindeer Frames

Reindeer decorations with pictures on a background with green trees.
Image from Hello Gorgeous

My favorite type of DIY kids Christmas decorations are the ones with pictures! They’re great to give as gifts or use as a class project around the holidays! Young children can get creative and decide how to place the pipe cleaners and cotton balls. Kids will love seeing pictures of themselves with a nose like Rudolph’s!

Snow globe decorations

Two snow globes with Hot Wheels cars inside.
Picture of Leggings N Latte

Are there parents who love cars? I bet so! These novelty snow globe ornaments have a hot wheels on the inside with a mini tree on top! I know kids who love Hot Wheels will go crazy for these festive decorations!

Popsicle stick christmas trees

Popsicle stick Christmas tree decorations.
Image from one small project

Popsicle stick trees are easy, cute, and fun for all ages! Use all your favorite colors and mix up decorations with pipe cleaners and pom poms. You can use already colored popsicle sticks or feel free to paint them during this craft project!

Snowman ornaments

Snowmen decorations hanging on a tree.
An image of making life beautiful

Don’t these little snowmen melt your heart? Starting with a baby stocking, you can make these cheerful little snowman ornaments with your family! Your kids will love all the different ways to make their snowman look super cute.

Salt dough melted snowmen

Melting snowman decoration on white wooden background.
Picture of kid-friendly things to do

These mini melting snowmen ornaments are made from salt dough and can be easily decorated with faces, noses, buttons and arms! They’re great for a Christmas time project that the whole family can get involved in!

Collage of baby ornament crafts

More decoration ideas you can try

If you’re ready to get your family into the holiday spirit, keep these kids Christmas decorations ideas in mind! There are many special ways to create Christmas memories and one of them is through the magic of making your own homemade ornaments and putting them on the Christmas tree every year.


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