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DIY Insulated lunch bag + pattern

Are you all back in school yet? Jasper is in Kindergarten this year. I can not believe that. There’s been a lot of back-to-school preparation and we still don’t have the routine yet – to get there. But, I expect that to happen soon so I wanted to share the DIY Insulated Lunch Bag + the pattern we designed using our own fabrics of our fabric Shop. Although I think it would be very nice to make it for your own child or with them, it would be nicer not to make it yourself. Honestly, I think I’ll start carrying it as my purse. Get ready to up your lunch game with a cute, personalized lunch bag that’s as functional as it is stylish.

Lunch pail options

I have been somewhat picky about how I want my lunch bag to look and function. I wanted it to look like a bag you could carry around and not stand out too much like a lunch bag. Sometimes I think the lunch bag seems too childish. We’ve included some insulation and a vinyl liner on the inside for easy wiping and keeping things cool/hot.

Choose the perfect fabric

Creating a canvas laptop bag starts with choosing the perfect fabric. Since we started putting our designs on it spoon flowerWe loved creating a variety of projects with our fabrics. They have options for heavy canvas, chinos, minky, you name it. When you choose designs for your lunch bag, keep in mind the color palette and patterns that match your personal style. Whether you lean toward pastel dreams or vibrant bursts of energy, there’s a tapestry just right for you. Remember, the goal is to give your lunch bag your own uniqueness, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. I was looking for an excuse to use our Daffodil field print This was the perfect opportunity to do so.

How to make an insulated lunch bag




4 hours


Choose your fabrics

  1. Choose your favorite fun and colorful fabrics from The House That Lars Build collection. This is where you can let your creativity shine! Mix and match styles to your heart’s content, making sure they complement each other.

  2. Cut out your own pattern pieces with this printable Lars lunchbox pattern. For each side piece, cut two pieces of printed fabric, one foam, and one vinyl. Each side piece should contain 4 pieces.

  3. Start by sewing the outer parts of the bag. Put the vinyl, insulation, and other fabrics aside. You will only be sewing one layer of the bag. Bottom panel: 1 piece (12″ wide by 5″ long) Insulated liner: Same dimensions as above

  4. Pin one side piece over the front piece, then pattern the sides together. Sew using a ¼ inch seam allowance. Open Layers and click. Top stitch along the sides.

  5. Continue this process, pinning the back piece to the side piece that was just sewn to the front piece. Sew using a ¼ inch seam allowance and press open seams and topstitch.

  6. Pin the last side piece to the back-facing piece, sew, then open the seams to press and topstitch. You should have a long board made up of a side piece, a front piece, a side piece, and a back piece. Make sure all connecting seams are top-stitched for a beautiful finished look!

  7. Bring the two edges together, with the patterns facing each other and then sew them so that the panel forms a closed cylinder. It will be a little more complicated, but press the seams open and top stitch.

  8. Take the other side of the unstitched base and attach it to the back facing piece on the other side of the cylindrical bag patterns together. Sew, press the open seam allowance, and stitch both sides at the top.

  9. To attach the sides of the base to the sides of the bag, (shape an L in between) turn the bag inside out and align the sides together – there will be a hole in between, but close the hole by pinning the sides together. Close stitching. You don’t need a top stitch.

  10. The outer layer of the lunch box is done! sit aside.

The inside of the bag is with insulation and vinyl material

  1. Repeat the same process above using three layers this time – patterned fabric, insulation, and vinyl. Lay these layers on top of each other, insulation first, fabric second, and vinyl third on top. Pin each corner to keep the layers together.

  2. You will sew the inside of the lunch box using the same process as the outer layer of the lunch box, but without the top stitching. Refer to the instructions above.

Attach the belt handles

  1. On the outer, single-layer piece of the bag, measure an inch apart on both ends of the front and back facing pieces and place the ends of one strap on each end. pin. No stitching yet.

Connect the outer layer and inner layer together

  1. Turn the inner piece (with insulation and vinyl) inside out.

  2. Place the outer piece with the straps inside the inner piece. Pin the top edges together, leaving an opening in one side of the bag.

  3. Sew along the top edge, using a ¼-inch seam allowance. Remember not to sew one side, because you need an opening to turn the bag right side out.

  4. Pull the inside of the bag out of the opening and set the bag right side out, with the insulated vinyl inside the outside of the bag.

  5. Close the buttonhole and topstitch around the entire top perimeter of the bag.

Fasten the zipper

  1. Open the clouds.

  2. Pin one side of the zipper over the entire top edge of the front side of the bag.

  3. Pin the other side of the zipper over the entire top edge of the back side of the bag.

  4. Side panels must not have a zipper installed. There will be a large amount of cloud hanging from the edge.

  5. Open the bag completely and measure how much of the zipper needs to open in order for the bag to open completely. Pin 1 inch longer than where the end of the zipper will be located.

  6. Sew both sides of the zipper to the top of the bag, following the top stitching line so that the zipper stitching aligns with the top stitching.

  7. Once the zipper is secured on both sides, cut off the extra length of the zipper and sew a stopper of fabric.

  8. Zip it up and voila, you have a washable insulated lunch box!

Rainbow Daffodil Insulated Lunch Bag
Rainbow Daffodil Insulated Lunch Bag

By following these step-by-step instructions and boosting your creativity, you’ll have created a personalized and stylish insulated lunch bag that will turn heads and spark conversations. Enjoy your new taste at lunchtime! And show us what you’re making by tagging us #LarsMakes. We love to see it all!


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