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DIY: Hand Painted Ceramic Ornaments

I’ve been busy this week preparing for the holiday bazaar I’m attending this weekend. In addition to the holiday prints and ceramics, I made a few ornaments to sell. I made ceramic state ornaments (similar to these) in addition to the hand-painted baubles below at my local clay studio.

I spied these beautiful bisque ceramic ornaments online and couldn’t wait to get creative with them. I painted a dozen abstract and botanical motif ornaments with them to sell at the market this weekend. Here’s a glimpse of a few I’ve completed so far.

If you want to make some for yourself or friends, buy a dozen This is a matte ceramic ornament And get creative!

I used my paint, glitter and leftover gold leaf to make them, then added Chiffon ribbon to end them.

I really love the matte finish and shape of these ceramic ornaments but this is the season to add sparkle and bling. This can be done in a few different ways, glitter, gold or silver leaf, metallic paint or a combination which is what I did.

Start by adding any pattern or color you like, I did a variety of abstract strokes using acrylic paint:

A technique that works really well is to paint on craft glue in small strokes then sprinkle loose glitter on top:

Hand-applied metallic paint adds some sparkle but glitter glue adds more:

Finally, you can color craft glue then apply gold leaf to small strips. I have found in the past that working with gold leaf sheets takes patience due to the fine flaky material, but the shine you get from the gold leaf is beautiful.

I am making a video that I will share in relay how these are put together. Colors and patterns are what flow in the moment for me.


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