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I had this idea to create a spooky little village painted black and lit with black tealights to create a Halloween mantle scene. I’m not big on decorating my whole house for Halloween, especially since my teenagers aren’t as enchanted as they were when they were kids. But I love doing creative projects that get in the spirit of the season.

This is a simple scene that took me an hour to assemble and paint. The idea works for any mantel or shelf and looks especially cool in the evening with small tealights illuminating the scene.

Supplies are simple, to recreate a Halloween village you will need: Set wooden house; the black LED tealight; Mini plastic tree; A few sets of wooden chopsticks; hot glue and glue guns; drills and drill bits; Black spray paint.

First step: Buy (or cut) lengths of ½” x 3” thick lumber to mount your mantel or shelf anywhere between 3 and 6 feet. Create the visual layout of the house by leaving room for plants above.

Step two: Break the chopsticks into small pieces to support the back of the wooden house. Use hot glue to attach the chopstick to the base of the board, then use more glue to attach the house to the base so it’s straight. Be sure to allow space for the LED lights to sit behind each house on the wooden base.

Step Three: Drill ½ inch holes for each tree, hot glue the holes so the tree stands upright.

Step Four: Spray the entire gram with matte or gloss black spray paint. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Step Five: Add LED tea lights to the back of each house. Small battery powered black LEDs sit behind each house, add real candlelight for more ambiance!

I cut the mantel piece in half to split a similar view between the two bookshelves, so the idea works equally well for a mantel or any open shelves.


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