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DIY Gifts for Grandparents – Studio DIY

DIY gifts for grandparents assembled

“Tis the season of giving, but let’s not spend our money! Plan ahead and stick to your budget by giving thoughtful gifts to grandparents this year. Even kids can participate in these projects to make a special gift for their grandparents!”

Remember that these are DIY projects that vary in their level of difficulty. If you’d rather not make handmade gifts, check out my post on the best gifts for grandparents instead!

Family photos heirloom ornaments

Plush picture ornaments on a black background with craft supplies around them.
Photography of the house that Lars built

These beautiful heirloom ornaments serve as a reminder of the importance of family during the holiday season! Although it is more complex to manufacture, it is very special. Choose the images that will mean the most to the grandparents you are gifting them to! They will definitely love hanging these ornaments on their trees.

Family origin game

Playing cards with pictures and texts on them.
Photography by Amanda James Jones Studio

Celebrate your family’s anniversary in a unique ancestry card game! In “Go Fish” style, the whole family, young and old, can play this game! Give the gift of family fun to grandparents this year.

Popsicle stick picture ornaments

Marble popsicle stick christmas window decoration

There’s nothing more adorable than putting photos of your kids in Christmas decorations that their grandparents can remember every year! These popsicle stick decorating crafts are great for younger kids who can get involved by drawing and adding glue and glitter. This is a great personalized gift that your kids will love making and giving to their grandparents!

Plus check out our other DIY decoration tutorials: Popsicle Stick Train Ornaments , Popsicle Stick Gingerbread House Ornaments , and DIY Ornaments for Kids!

Retro embroidered pictures

Picture with flowers embroidered on it.
The picture is of a beautiful mess

Turn black and white photos into artistic masterpieces with this embroidered photo tutorial! The array of colors that are incorporated into the series brings these vintage images to life. Using a printer, markers, string, and a frame, you can make a low-cost gift that any grandparent will love!

“Where have you been” map?

Map of the United States of America framed with pins and string.
Photo by Indeed Beautiful

This is a great gift for anyone who loves to travel! Get the kids involved by wrapping the string around places their ancestors used to travel. Grandparents will love seeing reminders of all their travels in one map!

DIY guess who

Guess the homemade from the game board.
Photo by Almost Perfect

This DIY gift idea for grandparents is so fun! I’ll admit, this DIY game is a little more complicated, but it’s worth the effort. Add 25 family members to this homemade gift for grandparents and they will enjoy playing with their grandchildren!

Image bookmarks

Books containing homemade bookmarks.
Photo by Style Me Pretty

Do the grandparents in your life love to read? If so, they’ll love these homemade bookmarks with photos of their grandchildren! These are easy to make, and kids of all ages can participate in the photo shoot!

Homemade doll

Hand holding a homemade plush doll in the air.
Image from the appropriate blog

Use your child’s artwork to make a super cute homemade plush toy! It’s a delightful gift to showcase your child’s creativity and preserve it forever. Plus, they will love seeing their artwork turned into a gift for their grandparents.

Marble paper

Homemade marble stationery stacked on top of each other.
The picture is honestly WTF

You can make amazing marble stationery at home using just a few items! Plus, this is a blast you can make with the kids. They can choose the colors of the swirls they want to mix and gift their creations to their grandparents! Make paper, envelopes and more!

Hand printed Christmas towels

Hand printed dish towels to make a Christmas tree on.
Photography: It’s always autumn

Kids and their grandparents will love this gift idea! It’s a fun paint project on a low budget and very easy to do. Using three handprints, kids can decorate a mini Christmas tree on a kitchen towel to wrap and give as a gift to their grandparents this holiday!

Fingerprint wreath

Fingerprint wreath on canvas with red ribbon on top.
Picture of moms chirping

This homemade fingerprint wreath is perfect to gift to grandparents for their annual holiday decorations! All kids can participate and make fingerprint wreaths in all sizes to give as gifts to their craft-loving grandparents.

Silhouettes of children

Wooden frames with black silhouettes.
Photo by Emily Henderson Style

Homemade wall art would be perfect for any grandparent! You can make these silhouettes of your children in no time and hang them in adorable frames. Such a beautiful Christmas gift!

Upholstered frames

Various embroidered frames on the wall.
The picture is honestly WTF

Using simple fabric patterns, you can create stunning upholstered frames for grandparents this year. You can also fill the frames with family photos for a personalized gift they are sure to love. Get your kids involved in choosing their favorite fabric designs!

Kitchen wall art

Light blue frames hang on the wall with heirloom recipes.
Image via Cleverly Simple

If you or someone you love has a collection of handwritten recipes, this kitchen wall art idea is perfect! Not only will this preserve those precious recipes, but it will look great on your kitchen wall. Grandparents will love this gift to preserve their family’s heirloom and recipes!

Parent-child keychains

Homemade keychains decorated with little people.
Photo by Indigo Bunting

Convert these parent-child keychains into grandparent-child keychains! Kids can design their own keychains to make one side look like their grandparents, and the other side look like them. I know grandparents everywhere love carrying a homemade keychain representing their grandchildren with them wherever they go!

Heirloom Recipe Tea Towels

Two tea towels hang with handwriting on them.
Image by marthastewart.com

Turn family recipes into beautiful, timeless tea towels for the perfect gift for grandparents. Family recipes are part of the family heritage, and turning them into amazing gifts like these means a lot. Especially during the holiday season when food is plentiful! Plus, everyone can always use more tea towels!

You can even pair it with one of these Custom engraved recipe cutting boards Manoushe with another family recipe.

Embroidered neckties

Two boxes with two ties inside them with writing on them
Photography by Lennart Weibull at marthastewart.com

Any tie-wearing grandparents will love seeing a cute hidden message on the back of their Christmas gift! You can embroider the tie with a small message of your choice, or you can even have her name embroidered on it! This is a fairly easy project, and kids can participate in it by choosing the color of the tie or the message to write on it.

Clay necklace

Two necklaces made of polymer clay.
Photo by DIY Candy

Get the little ones involved in giving gifts to their grandparents and make a handmade polymer clay necklace! You can place a photo inside, use the frame for your children’s artwork, or add a small personal message to their grandparents.

Small frame magnet

Hand-painted frame magnet that sticks to your refrigerator.
Image via Entertain Idea

These mini frame magnets are another craft that even young children can participate in! They can give their grandparents a handmade gift that will be a great addition to their refrigerator. Add a family photo to make it even more special!

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Making your own gifts this holiday season isn’t as hard as it seems! These handmade gifts for grandparents will make your life easier when it comes to unique and thoughtful gifts. Whether you make a simple craft, a beautiful frame, or a homemade toy, grandparents everywhere are sure to love their gifts!


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