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DIY friendship bracelets |

DIY friendship bracelets are a classic summer activity! They’re easy to make and fun to roll around (especially if you’re headed to a Taylor Swift concert!

I would spend hours making friendship bracelets. I’d go to the craft store and buy a bunch of yarn and go to town and make bracelets for everyone. Today, I have three different designs to share with you, using some tried and true techniques…and some new ones too! All in bright colors of course, with some fun embellishments too. Let’s get started!

DIY friendship bracelets |

We’ll teach you how to make the most popular style of DIY friendship bracelets, braided bracelets! Plus, there’s an embroidered version that you can accessorize with some easy-to-make tassels and even a variety of bracelets for a more unique option!

DIY friendship bracelets |

necessary supplies

DIY friendship bracelets |

Here’s what you’ll need for each style of DIY friendship bracelet.

For beaded tassel bracelet:

matte beads or neon beads
Character Theme (We love This neon group!)
Scrap of cardboard

For the braided bracelet:

DMC embroidery floss
ccolorful series
charms or cabochons for decoration (we used nice food grades, similar to thisPlus some thumbnails Disco-like beads!)
jewelry glue

For bracelets:

Plain bangle bracelets
DMC embroidery floss
cabochons (we used bland ones, similar to this!)
jewelry glue

Beaded friendship bracelet tutorial

  1. Cut a piece of string the length of your wrist plus four to five inches (for tying).
  2. Tie a knot about two inches in the string, then string as many beads as you can around your wrist. Tie a knot at the other end.
  3. To make the tassels, cut a piece of cardboard into a 2-inch-wide rectangle. Wrap the floss around and around the cardboard about 15-20 times.
  4. Remove the wrapped string from the cardboard and tie a knot in the middle with a separate piece of string. Now fold the tassel in half, with all of the looped edges facing down.
  5. Take a third piece of string and wrap it around all of the strings about six times.
  6. Use a little glue to hold the final finish in place. Finally, cut all the loops so that the tassel is fringed, and snip off any strands that seem longer than the rest. Attach tassels between the beads wherever you want.

Braided friendship bracelet tutorial

  1. You will need nine pieces, each to double the length of your wrist: two pieces of each of the three colors of embroidery and three pieces of chain.
  2. Tie all nine pieces together into a knot.
  3. Braid the pieces together, treating each color + 1 strand of string as a section. Once you have as long a braid as needed to wrap around your wrist, tie another knot and trim off the excess, leaving about two inches for tying.
  4. If you like, string a bead on the ends or stick a cabochon on top of the braid.

DIY bangle bracelet

  1. Wrap the embroidery floss tightly around and around the bangle until it is completely covered.
  2. Use a small bead of jewelry glue to hold the final trim in place and trim off the excess.
  3. Use another bead of glue to attach any rams or other charm to each bracelet. Leave it on completely before wearing it.
DIY friendship bracelets |
DIY friendship bracelets |
DIY friendship bracelets |

photos by Jeff Mendel

This would be a fun gift to give to your friends who have been around since childhood. Then you can wear them while you watch Now and Then and play Dream Phone and MAN that must be an adult!? I listen!

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