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DIY Alcohol Ink Trays | Centsational Style

I tested my latest in various art mediums and alcohol inks. I’m happy to share that I made this cute tray to hold small items. The shape I chose works well with jewelry, but you can also use it for beauty products.

I really like the way alcohol ink spreads in an abstract way that combines with neighboring inks to create new colors or pool together to create eye-catching swirls.

The supplies for this project are simple, I use This is the white tray And bought some alcohol inks both online and at Michaels (that store has a great selection). You’ll also need a straw, some rubbing alcohol, paper towels, and clear coat protection to seal the trays in place.

Blowing gently on the ink with a straw causes the ink droplets to spread around easily.

With paper and alcohol ink, you have to accept where the ink goes, but with ceramic or glass applications, you can erase the ink and start over if you’re unhappy. I’ve done it several times. Rubbing alcohol and a paper towel are all you need to get started with the new design.

I practiced different applications and found that dripping the ink at once on single or double dots and blending them all at the same time made for more swirls and patterns and gave me the look I was going for.

Once you are satisfied with a design, seal the surface of the trays with two sprays clear coat, allowing to dry completely between coats. Once the surface is protected, the design will stay in place and not be erased.

Enjoy your new colorful tray for use around the house!

If you recreate this project, send me pictures, I’d love to see them!


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