Dive into a World of Colorful Play: Board Games, Apps, and More for Color Enthusiasts


last week on Instagram stories I shared a game online that a friend introduced me to. it’s called colourfulle – Like Wordle but for color theory. I’m not much of a gamer, but I’m hooked! I’ve discovered some color-related board games and apps over the past several months, which has me thinking – maybe I’m a gamer but haven’t found the right one for someone with my interests?! is that possible? Am I going to be a gamer after all? I love how games bring people together and give you something to do when you don’t feel like watching TV, so I challenged myself to find more games about color so I could catch the train.

I am still shocked by the statistics showing how colors are disappearing all over the world. Perhaps it’s no wonder that people who value color are drawn to games that celebrate this visual feast. Whether you’re a fan of classic board games, modern apps, or any other form of interactive entertainment, there’s a colorful playground waiting for you to explore. Let’s dive into the exciting game world specially designed for color lovers, offering a range of options to satisfy your desire for color joy.

Board games: where strategy meets aesthetics

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I played a board game. Maybe when Paul and I first got married and he thought I would Catan settlers. Well, I’m here to tell you that if you like to lose, play with Paul. But I’ve discovered some that look really interesting and I actually can’t wait to try them out. The charm of board games lies not only in their attractive gameplay, but also in the visual appeal of their components. For color lovers, there are countless board games that feature stunning artwork and vibrant designs that make every move an artistic experience.

  1. Azul: Transport yourself into the beauty of Portuguese tiles as you meticulously craft colorful tiles to decorate your personal board. Paul just bought this piece for Prime Day – I can’t wait to try it!
  2. Sagrada: Channel the stained glass craftsman in you by choosing and placing colored dice to create stunning window masterpieces. Paul just bought this and it looks very smart.
  3. Figures and clues: I spotted this product over the holidays and haven’t bought it yet but it’s on sale now so I’m going to put it in my cart. Seems like a great choice to test your knowledge of colors.
  4. Photosynthesis: Immerse yourself in the world of botany and light as you strategically position your trees to capture the maximum amount of sunlight and grow a colorful forest.

Color Focused Apps: Entertainment at your fingertips

In today’s digital age, the world of color exploration is just a click away. Color themed apps provide a convenient way to indulge your passion for color on the go.

  1. Blendoco 2: Challenge your perception and color acumen by arranging gradients and shapes in this unique and addictive color puzzle game.
  2. coloring: Unleash your inner artist by filling in intricate designs with an array of colour, and create digital masterpieces at your own pace. It’s like an online coloring book.
  3. Chroma Rush: Immerse yourself in the fast-paced world of color matching and reaction speed, providing an exciting and visually stunning experience.
  4. colourfull: Like Wordle for color theory lovers. Guess the colors that make up the given color in 6 attempts. I like to use the practice mode so that I have unlimited time to play.

Digital Art Platforms: Where imagination knows no bounds

For those with a love of color and a creative streak, digital art platforms are a means of uninhibited self-expression.

Childbearing: An artist’s dream come true, this app offers a plethora of brushes and tools to bring your colorful vision to life on a digital canvas. A lot of artists have used this instead of Photoshop. I have it on my iPad and I love it!

Adobe Color CCCreate color palettes from photographs, explore harmonious combinations, and add to your digital creations the magic of color theory.

Colorful Mind Games: Exercise your brain in style

If you are looking for a harmonious blend of visual appeal and cognitive challenge, these games will captivate your mind while treating your eyes.

Monument Valley: Navigate an ethereal world of impossible architecture and optical illusions, solving puzzles that seamlessly merge color and geometry.

witness: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning island as you uncover intricate puzzles that require keen observation and logic to decipher.

In a world that often celebrates the beauty of color, toys provide an engaging way to indulge in an array of hues and shades. Whether you’re a board game fan, a digital explorer, or an artistic visionary, there’s a game tailored to your colorful heart’s desire. So, put on your favorite shades, open your eyes to a kaleidoscope of possibilities, and let the games begin!

Do you have any favorites that are not on the list? I would love to hear about them! Help me!


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