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Disney Dog Costume Ideas – Studio DIY

A collection of Disney costumes for dogs

No family Halloween costume is complete without your little furry friend! These Disney dog ​​costumes are the perfect way to get inspiration for your dog’s costume this year.

From simple DIY ideas to ones you can buy and put on your dog straight out of the costume bag, these ideas will make everyone (especially you!) smile on Halloween night.

Disney Moana Hee Hee Costume for Dogs

Disney parrot dog costume

Your dog is your best friend, so why not dress him up as Moana’s adorable pet rooster? You can pick up a rooster costume at most stores in the Halloween costume section, or you can try making your own using rainbow-colored felt from your local craft store.

Image source and inspiration from Dallas the Bulldogs in Seattle on Instagram

Toy Story Slinky Dog Costume

A dog dressed as Slinky from Toy Story

Toy Story is always a Disney hit! Dress your little pooch as a Slinky Dog with this easy DIY costume made from just felt!

Image source and inspiration from Facebook

Lilo and Stitch dog costume ideas

Lilo and Stitch Dog Owner and Pet Costume.jpg

Is there anything cuter than a puppy dressed as Stitch!? These Disney dog ​​costume ideas make an adorable pair for the dog and his owner, Lilo and her best alien friend!

Image source and inspiration from Risa re

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum dog costume

Tweedle De Tweedle Dum Dog Disney Costume

If you have more than one furry friend, dress them up as the playful, playful twins from Alice in Wonderland.

Image source and inspiration from Dallas the Bulldogs in Seattle on Instagram

Groff dog costume

Disney Groove Dog Costume

If your dog is playful, curious, and most importantly, loyal, this Bo Peep and Gruff dog costume might be fun for you both! It’s the perfect Disney costume for dog and owner.

Image source and inspiration from Lizardhill

Russell Adventure There is an “Up” dog costume.

Dog dressed as Russell from Up

Dogs are adventurous animals, so why not be the adventurous Russell from the movie “UP”. a Brown jacket Decorated with scout patches or a Yellow dog backpack With some nice buttons, plus a Head tie with Wilderness Explorer Patch. You can find some online or create your own for your best canine explorer!

Learn how to create your own Disney Halloween patches here.

Image source and inspiration from Lizzo8

Like a dog costume

Zero Dog costume and a woman dressed as Sally

Will you choose your favorite Halloween movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, as the theme for your costume? Transform your dog into Jack’s ghost dog, Zero, with a white cloth and red ribbon! Don’t forget to add Lock, Shock and Barrel to your collection if you have a large family!

Image source and inspiration from Dark plum

Mike Wazowski dog costume

A dog dressed as Mike Wazowski and a person dressed as Sulley from Monster's Inc

Your canine best friend is ready to bring laughter to everyone around him in this Mike Wazowski dog costume From your favorite Pixar movie, Monster’s Inc.

Image source and inspiration from Lilsovipo

Beauty and the Beast Dog Costume

Dog wearing footstools from Beauty and the Beast

As famous in Beauty and the Beast, the dog has been transformed into a footstool, Sultan. So turning your dog into a footstool is a funny option for Disney Halloween costumes for dogs!

Image source and inspiration from Costume works

Maleficent’s dog costume

Disney Maleficent Dog costume

This Disney sly dog ​​costume is so cute! Antlers and feathers bring this dog costume together!

Image source and inspiration from Dallas Bulldogs in Seattle

“UP” dog balloon costume.

Dog balloon costume

This adorable dog costume is a great way to bring this fun movie to life! The iconic house can be made of cardboard and many colorful balloons can be tied on top!

Follow my tutorial on how to make an “UP” house using popsicle sticks.

Image and inspiration sourced from Studio DIY

Alice in Wonderland costume for dogs

Alice and wonderland dog costume ideas

Take a step into Alice’s Wonderland and bow to your majesty! This is simple and magical Queen of Hearts costume for dogs It’s easy to withdraw. All you need is the dress and crown or top hat to complete and pair with your Alice in Wonderland family costume.

Image source and inspiration from Jillian Harris

Our furry friends make our days brighter and deserve a costume as fun and unique as they do! We hope these Disney Dog and Owner Costumes are the perfect way to include your dog in your Halloween festivities!


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