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Discover The 15 Best Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

Love the Primrose Mirror from Anthropologie but are looking for more options? You’ve got this dumb anthropological mirror!

After posting about these oversized floor mirrors, several of you reached out asking if I had a good trick for a sparkly primrose mirror. And because I love you guys – I’m responding with a full post on this Anthropology Mirror hoax.

All of these have the same antique, gilded, baroque mirror look, but many are a fraction of the price.

I’ll put this here in case anyone wants to know more about mirror primrose. It’s basically the “it” mirror that’s now in Home Decor (complete with her hashtag). An anthropological piece, it’s a vintage-inspired mirror that’s offered in many different sizes, from the poster size on the wall all the way up to the oversized floor mirror version.

Anthropologie Mirror Tricks - Check out this post for the best options for those beautiful ornate gold mirrors!
Image via Anthropology

It also comes in four different colours. Gold, Black, Silver, Zanzibar (It’s a luxurious bronze color.) If you like Baroque style – you’ll probably love this mirror (and all the other options I’m going to show you). Keep in mind – the larger sizes of this mirror are hefty and weigh 200 pounds – so it’s definitely a “lean against the wall” type mirror.

1. Mirror Image Primrose

If you really love primroses, you should know that Anthropologie offers you This image size For less money than others. So, if you want a compact version to save some money, the vertical version might be your best bet.

How about a trick from the original source? the Anthropologist Mila Miror is just as beautiful as a primrose, and the smaller size is about $100 cheaper than a primrose. The Mila floor mirror is more expensive than the Primrose mirror, so keep that in mind.

Cool trick! Under $200 for this antique mirror in the world market. Choose between bronze or gold finishes. Gorgeous wall hanging mirror measures 24″ x 34″ high.

4. Walmart: Metal wall mirror from Better Homes and Gardens

Really great option if you love to shop at Walmart. Their Better Homes & Gardens line is one of my favorites. One BHG mirror It comes in golden color, with beautiful beads around the mirror. It measures 20 by 30 inches and will make a beautiful, affordable accent on your wall.

6. Kate Mirror and Laurel Arendal

Kate and Laurel’s mirror is one of the most popular “it” anthropologist mirror tricks – and this mirror sells out all the time. This is a beautiful mirror and you can’t go wrong with this one.

It was sold at Home Depot. AmazonOverstock, Walmart, Target and many more. Click to see the best prices and shop:

Find out the 15 best mirror versions of Anthropology

Another cool trick! The Wayfair Everett Mirror is very elegant and has more of a fancy finish. It is somewhat square at approximately 34″ x 36″. The price is great though and the reviews are even better!

Hamilton Hills offers many of these Baroque style mirrors. I chose this one because it looks a lot like Primrose Mirror’s style. At the time of writing this post, it has nearly 300 good reviews. It’s available in two sizes and comes in a 2 inch deep textured gold frame – very thick and gorgeous. This will make a statement on any wall!

Anthropologie Mirror Tricks - Check out this post for the best options for those beautiful ornate gold mirrors!
Image via Kirkland

This mirror is a bargain and is only available in stores. I had to include it in the list because it’s a common mirror primrose trick. It is 24 by 36 inches in height and made of wood and glass in a gold finish. But they also have a floor mirror version, as pictured above.

according to specification; The frame of the Jacqueline mirror is finished with champagne silver leaf that has been crackled and antiqued so that the dark undercoat shows through the leaves. It measures 28 x 43 inches and would look perfect above a dresser or at the end of a hallway.

Anthropologie Mirror Tricks - Check out this post for the best options for those beautiful ornate gold mirrors!
Image via BB Teen

We definitely need to look at PB Teen more. It’s not just for teenagers. And the prices are lower. It doesn’t really make sense but I’ll agree with it. The Filigree Mirror is a gorgeous mirror that also comes in floor size with a beautiful gold finish!

12. Front Gate: Graciella’s Mirror

Anthropologie Mirror Tricks - Check out this post for the best options for those beautiful ornate gold mirrors!
Image via Frontgate

The Graciela Mirror from Frontgate is a bestseller and it’s not hard to see why. This antique-inspired mirror comes in a gold powder-coated finish and features a Mindy wood frame (that’s white cedar for those who don’t know). It measures 28″ x 42″ tall. It’s a show stopper!

The Amelie Mirror from Arhaus is a perfect match for the bright spring flower. It comes in several different sizes, including a larger-than-life floor version. Iron framed with a beautiful floral and vine pattern. Another winning option for a baroque mirror. This is one of the most expensive options on the list.

Anthropology's deceptively bright mirror primrose
Image via Ballard Designs

The Beaudry Mirror from Ballard Designs is very pretty and comes in an impressive height of 64 x 31 inches. This also comes in two color options; Brass or oil rubbed bronze finishes. As someone who has purchased from Ballard Designs before, the quality and customer service they provide is top notch. Although this mirror is pricey, it is still less than what you would pay for an Anthropologie mirror.

One of my favourites! The Tulca mirror is also very popular and the price isn’t bad for a mirror of this quality and size! It comes in two colors (gold or silver) and measures 36″ x 36″ wide. The perfect finishing touch for your shelf.

Hobby Lounge Primrose Mirror Dub

Hobby Lobby also has a good trick – This gold and flourish wall mirror. It’s available in two sizes, and if you pair it with a coupon or sale, you can get a very good deal on this!

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