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Design Classics of the Future

“To me, a classic has three qualities,” said Bobby Tigerman, curator of decorative arts and design at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. “It reflects the time in which it was made, displays exquisite craftsmanship and has a timeless visual appeal. Her pick: Jomo Tariku’s Nyala chair, which nods to the designer’s Ethiopian heritage and his concern for antelope native to the Bale Mountains in that country. Nyla’s organic curves “give it a timeless visual allure,” he said.

Gus Kesley-Hayford, director of the V&A East Museum, which is due to open in 2024 in his home region of London, saw practicality as the foundation of future recognition. “I live in a city with nine million people and over three million cars,” he said. “It is impossible to move around. You start thinking of keeping the bike, but often people find that bike stolen.

That’s why he christened the Brompton Electric Bicycle, which was first introduced in 2017. “Small and compact, it folds down to the size of a piece of luggage you can take on a plane, but can be operated by anyone.” size,” he said. “Bikes were originally designed in the 1880s. It’s a foldable, electric, timeless invention that feels incredibly timely.

Mark Benda, co-founder of Friedman Benda in Manhattan, which deals in limited-edition designs, blamed self-interest when he chose the Trauma Chair (2020) by British industrial and fashion designer Samuel Ross, which is his represents the gallery. , “The chair, which has already entered the collections of two museums, is really a reaction to the events of three years ago,” Mr Benda said, referring to the protests following the killing of George Floyd by a police officer. “It’s a black voice addressing social justice issues.”

Although the objects in his gallery are not widely available, Mr. Benda said, they should still qualify for entry into the canon of the classics. “They can be seen and appreciated in museums and on Instagram,” he added. “It’s not just about receiving.”


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