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Create Your Own DIY Halloween Ghosts With Lights

After coming across several tomato cage ghosts, I thought I’d make one myself. However, my decision was strengthened when I found a photo at Pottery Barn, displaying the unbelievable Adorable versions. I’ll show you how I made these Halloween ghosts using lights.

Pottery Barn Ghosts of the Night!
Pottery Barn Night Ghosts /Image credit: Pottery Barn

This project is very easy and budget friendly. I wish I could say I had this idea, but I didn’t. I’m inspired to reframe and reshare with you all. I was able to make these ghosts for about $30 (I already had everything except the heads, tomato cages, and string lights).

I found Styrofoam heads in Joan And they were for sale! These heads are actually pumpkins with an eye on them, so I turned the eye part to the back. Trust me, you can’t even say that. You can also use pumpkin buckets and Styrofoam balls (But those were more expensive for reasons). Michael W Amazon sale Styrofoam balls In different sizes.

DIY lighted Halloween ghosts

Target and Walmart sell cheap sets of white sheets. I had an old set sitting in our linen closet — it was a queen set — and both the flat sheet and fitted sheet worked perfectly. Also check the dollar store for Scary fabric!

Here’s what you’ll need.

Watch the video

DIY Halloween ghosts with lights

DIY Halloween Ghosts with Lights - Complete Tutorial!

How to Create Your Own Halloween Ghosts Using Lights (Watch the Video!)

Total time: 30 minutes

Tie the tomato cage together

Turn the tomato cages upside down, so the circular part is on the ground. Tie the three loose ends at the top together Rubber bands.

Insert the Styrofoam ball into the cage

Press the Styrofoam ball onto the pegged points of the tomato cage. Use carefully a Rubber hammer To help you.

Wrap lights around the cage

Starting at the bottom, wrap the lights all the way around the tomato cage and around the head area (glue them in place). Make sure to leave the plug available at the bottom.

Place a white sheet of paper and Scary fabric On top of the cage

Place a white sheet and then a creeper cloth or drop cloth over the tomato cage. Cut off the bottom of it so that only it grazes the ground. She looks like a ghost already!

Cut and place felt eyes

Cut two eyes out of a piece of black felt and use craft glue or Hot glue To connect them to the ghost’s head. Use your best judgment regarding placement. Note: I found craft glue (e6000) to work much better than Hot glue.

Play and enjoy!

Now just plug in your lit ghost and enjoy!

How cute are these ghosts!? And yes, I will definitely reuse them year after year. I will store them in plastic bags and keep them in one of our closets. They should do a good job.

DIY Halloween Ghosts with Lights - Complete Tutorial!

I’m planning a Halloween front porch this year and can’t wait to show it to you. These ghosts are sure to appear. I haven’t decided yet whether or not I’ll hang up the witches’ hats.

A Closer Look at DIY Halloween Ghosts with Lights - Complete Tutorial!

Also, it might be best to place these lighted ghosts under a covered porch or inside. I’m not sure how well they fare in extreme weather. If it’s a windy day, you can weigh the bottom with some weights and cover the weights with a white sheet.

I hope you guys feel inspired to make a ghost too. they are great!


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