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Create a Tea Station at Home » Lovely Indeed

Move over coffee, tea drinkers are getting serious! If you love a good cup of coffee, here’s everything you’ll need to set up a tea station at home.

What’s more comforting than a nice cup of tea on a crisp day? Nothing, that’s what.

There’s a certain feeling when you work in an office where you can go to a coffee or tea station and make yourself a comforting cup of something warm.

I love this vibe, so I recreated it at home. We people who work from home deserve a tea station too!

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Countertop tea station storage and tea organization

Setting up a tea station at home is a great place to organize everything.

I don’t keep a large collection of tea at home; Just a curated collection of my favorites. So This is the only staircase With spacers it works perfectly.

If you need a little more space, there’s also a version with it Two drawers. This can be great if you also need to store Keurig cups or other items.

I also keep my favorite vitamin organizer and teaspoons in my drawers. More on those below!

The teas I always keep on hand and recommend are below! Beware, these are Amazon links but you can likely find them at lower prices at your local grocery stores.

Best countertop electric kettle

I splurged on it Stag electric kettle A few years ago, and I can confirm, it’s great!

It heats up incredibly quickly, is extremely quiet, and is the prettiest shade of pink (although it comes in a lot of colors).

I also like that you can control the temperature with the easy-to-adjust knob and there is a clear temperature readout. Highly recommended!

What do we put in tea?

When it comes to tea, I like it light and sweet in the morning and straight up in the afternoon.

For me, light and sweet means a little stevia (I really like that.) Truvia granules) And a little unsweetened vanilla almond milk. We reserve Almond breeze stock!

I also add a serving of collagen in the morning. Bare collagen It is my favorite. You can’t taste it at all and it adds a good amount of protein to the tea.

I store my extras in tins directly on the tea station to make grabbing them easier.

That’s a little Sugary It is where the stevia plant lives, and collagen enters into a larger volume can.

Tea station teaspoons

Obviously you can use any spoons you have.

But I like to keep a few spoons in the tea base so everything is in one place.

Just to make things a little special, I found this Small spoons of gold I keep a bunch of them in the drawer with my tea. They are very affordable and are great in size and shape.

Hide wires on your kitchen counter

If the cords on the counter make you feel uneasy (like me, hello), a storage box provides a really simple solution.

You can just put the cord behind the box and run it to the nearest outlet. It also works to place the box directly in front of the outlet and use the tea station to hide the cord.

Bonus: The best vitamin organizer for the day of the week

I keep all of my vitamins in the tea station to make sure I remember to take them.

this Vitamin regulator Great – it has sections for every day of the week, AM and PM.

There is a mirror on the inside of the box, which is very durable for travel.

This tea station is small but brings so much joy to my daily life! And that’s what it’s all about here – finding the little joy in every day. We hope some of these recommendations resonate with you. xoxo

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