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Cottagecore girl’s bedroom for under $1000

Well, I’ve been wanting to do this series for a long time, and my time has finally come! I love collecting things from all over the internet and creating rooms for kids and people who don’t exist in my life. We’ve done versions of it in the past but with real people (remember this series? Or this one? This time, I’m committing to doing one monthly starting with everyone’s favorite right now, a Cottagecore-Inspired Girl’s Room for Under $1,000 Alternate titles for this new series Her: Someone’s making this room! Actually, that’s not a bad idea…

I started with the beautiful bedroom I envisioned for my daughter that didn’t exist. I really don’t like to attribute anything to a boxed-in term like cottagecore, but I’m pretty sure that’s how the internet would go about reading it, so they might as well beat them to it. In fact, it’s a mix of Scandinavian folk (that wallpaper!) and a bit of vintage French and English cottage. Makes me think I’m in the Cotswalds now!

The reason I started this is because I was collecting things for our Things We Love page, and I noticed there was a common thread between all the household items – wouldn’t that make a fun room? The answer is yes and here we are. By the way, I’ve also committed to spending more time on my Things We Love page this year, which is basically a place where I put everything I would buy if I had an endless budget. We have categories for dresses, upcoming holidays, home, craft supplies…it’s dreamy. Check it out here!

Cottage core bedroom for a girl

I’ve classified this as a room under $1000 because it more or less depends on the amount of wallpaper you get. I love each object individually. I wanted to share things that come in different prices so there’s a little something for everyone. Be in it!

  1. Green metal bed
  2. Flower shaped floor lamp
  3. Flower pillow
  4. Green striped bedding
  5. Pink lampshade
  6. Copper ribbon candlestick
  7. Delicate flower blanket
  8. Framed botanical prints
  9. Jane Austen: The Complete Works
  10. Yellow striped box
  11. Clamshell frame
  12. floral wallpaper
  13. Packing boxes
  14. Scalloped rug

If you’d like to recommend something else to complete the room, just ask me in the comments! And if you suggest a topic for next month, let me know!


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