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Top shot of a hot chocolate bar with red and white hot chocolate topping.

Make your family’s Christmas day even more special by serving hot chocolate with Christmas hot chocolate bar! Filled with the best additions to a cup of hot chocolate, this festive bar embodies the warmth and cheer of the holiday season!

Mint-shaped hot chocolate bar

Christmas hot chocolate tradition

Every family has its own Christmas traditions which they follow every year without fail. A time-honored Christmas tradition is to drink hot chocolate every Christmas morning while opening presents! It’s a sweet and delicious way to start the day. And everyone loves hot chocolate, right?

Whether your family already has a tradition of drinking hot chocolate every Christmas morning, or you’re creating a whole new tradition for your family this year, this special tradition can be made even more memorable with a tray of hot cocoa to accompany it!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Decorating Bar

This Christmas hot chocolate bar is decorated with a peppermint swirl and topped with the best hot chocolate toppings ever! This innovative way to serve hot chocolate toppings is adorable and makes the day even more special. Why not serve hot chocolate in the most delicious way possible?

An easy Christmas hot chocolate recipe

The first step in serving a hot chocolate charcuterie board like this, is making the hot chocolate. There are a lot of different hot chocolate recipes out there, but do you want to know my secret? I choose an easy hot chocolate mix from the store so I can spend more time with the star of the show: the toppings! And more time with family to enjoy Christmas too.

You can of course pair your favorite hot chocolate recipe with this festive Christmas plate, but simple store-bought hot chocolate powder will do the trick! And since we’ll be adding a lot of toppings, this hot chocolate will be delicious no matter what.

Christmas hot chocolate bar with woman in background holding a pink mug.

Best hot chocolate toppings

You definitely need to make sure your Christmas hot chocolate bar has all of your favorite hot chocolate toppings! If you’ve never had hot chocolate like this before, you’ll never go back to regular hot chocolate. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite hot chocolate toppings that each complement hot chocolate in an amazing way. But don’t limit yourself to just my list, you can add any of your favorite toppings to your plate too!

  • Marshmallow
  • Sprinkles
  • whipped cream
  • Flavored syrup
  • Candy stick
  • Candy or chocolate chips
  • White chocolate
  • Chopped mint
  • Peppermint bark
  • Chocolate spoons

When adding liquids like flavored syrups or whipped cream, I recommend using small jars! Tie a small red ribbon around them if you want to make them more festive.

Hot chocolate bar with hand placing toppings on bar.

How to make a hot chocolate bar for Christmas

Making your own hot chocolate bar is simple! You can use any wooden cutting board, but if you want to make a festive mint board, I’ll show you how!

We’ll start by making a board with red and white swirls to make it look like mint. Next, choose your favorite hot chocolate topping to match, in red, white, or pink, to match your color scheme! I suggest getting red and white cupcake liners that have some little toppings like sprinkles or mini chocolate chips. Let’s get started!

  1. paint: paint 18 inch white wood board With red paint to look like a mint red and white swirl. Seal with a non-toxic sealant, such as Mod Podge. Then add a piece of wax or parchment paper cut into a circle on top before adding the toppings.
  2. Add better toppings: Start with one color and arrange your layer on corresponding parts of the swirl. For example, place white toppings, such as white chocolate chips and marshmallows, in the white sections, and red and pink toppings, such as mini candy canes and red candy, in the red sections. Then fill in the rest of the sections.
  3. serves: Serve your Christmas hot chocolate bar with a large bowl or already poured cups of hot chocolate!
Hand-paint a white board with red swirls to make it look like mint.

Other times to serve a hot chocolate bar for Christmas

This hot chocolate bar is absolutely perfect for Christmas, but you can make this sweet charcoal bar all winter long! You’ll notice that this is an easy but very impressive palette of toppings that you may want to display on multiple occasions with different groups of people! Plus, there are a lot of events going on during the holidays. Don’t worry about what to bring! Create a cute Christmas board for all your winter events including:

  • Christmas Eve celebrations
  • Christmas parties
  • School parties
  • Office parties
  • Book club meetings
  • Movie nights
  • White Elephant Parties
Christmas hot chocolate bar with woman in background holding a mug and wearing a Santa hat.

This Christmas hot chocolate bar will be a hit with kids and adults alike! It’s a great way to turn a simple cup of hot chocolate into something special to share with your loved ones this holiday season. Plus, it will make your hot chocolate even more delicious!

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