Bright and whimsical photo holiday cards


I don’t throw around the word “geek” often but that’s what I am – for sure obsessed With Eid cards. I will go through every page of every site looking for the best one. I will be trading my photos for every photo on their site. I plan the outfits to match the cards I think I might use. I spend hours writing envelopes and picking up stamps. love them. I love getting them, looking at them, feeling the weight of the paper, and seeing the gel pen they decided to use on the colorful envelopes. Honestly, just writing this is therapeutic. So, I decided to round up my favorite holiday cards with bright and whimsical images! This is not sponsored at all, but I thought, if I’m going to spend the time, it might benefit someone other than me. Ha!

Here are a few of them from the past:

Bright and whimsical holiday cards

Here are my favorites! Please note: Most, if not all, of them can be found in both horizontal and vertical formats. All colors can be modified as well. All customizable.

  1. Joyful patterns
  2. Colorful lines
  3. Popular Christmas
  4. Pink joy
  5. Fluctuation line
  6. Popular flowers
  7. 12 days of Christmas
  8. Quilt stars
  9. Colorful plaids
  10. Lavender and green waves
  11. Mismatched plaids
  12. Mint lines
  13. Green check
  14. Check the trees in red
  15. Classic red and green

Oh! The top right photo we took from last year can be found with the beautiful green foil arch here.

Do you also make Christmas/holiday cards? I have a few friends who don’t see the point in them, but for me, they help me stay connected with friends and family on a tangible level. You?


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