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As the summer days slowly give way to the crisp fall air, it’s time to get ready for the exciting back-to-school season. Amid anticipation of new classes, friends, and opportunities, there is something inherently special about preparing for the school year with a touch of creativity. Back to school crafts are a great way to channel your enthusiasm and create personalized items that will make your school days unforgettable. Whether you are a student, parent, or teacher, these craft ideas will ignite your artistic spirit and help you start the school year off in style.

1. Apple lunch bags

One of my favorite ways to spice up the first week of school is to decorate the lunch bag. This apple lunch bag idea is easy to make and so cute. Perfect for the reluctant student.

DIY apple lunch bag

2. Reusable lunch bags

If paper bags aren’t your thing, try making your own lunch bags out of scrap fabric. I loved making these colorful bags. The best part is putting the colors into the best combinations.

DIY colorful lunch pails

3. Beeswax food bags

While you’re at it, make some reusable food bags using beeswax. Here’s how to make it!

Colorful lunch bags and beeswax snack wraps surrounded by juicy fruit.

4. Printable back to school posters

If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your locker, book cover, or water bottle, these printable labels are perfect!

Stickers and notebook on a pink background

5. DIY pencil case

We always love the sewing project and it’s a great project for beginners. The best part is choosing a fabric that’s full of personality. We used those from our own fabric collection.

6. Make a notebook out of a paper bag

This is great for kids. It’s a simple introduction to bookbinding with simple materials you already have on hand – like a paper bag!

7. How to make a notepad

Did you know you can make a notebook? Try this method to make your own using your own paper.

DIY love memo pad

8. Add the rainbow buttons

Here’s a fun idea to add some cheer to your back to school outfit or school uniform – add rainbow buttons! I love having buttons on hand for the kids anyway, there are so many projects I can make with them. this variety is my favourite.

White woman with brown hair wearing a white blouse with rainbow buttons

9. State Flower Color Map

Add some artwork to your walls with our Flowers of the United States Printable Coloring Poster. In addition, it is an activity. It would be great fun for the bedroom too!

State Flower Map Coloring Page Hanging Brittany's Rainbow Calendar with some art prints and a painting of Jasper.

They welcomed back-to-school season with open arms and an artistic spirit. Not only do these crafts allow you to express yourself, but they also help you prepare for a successful academic journey. Whether you’re livening up your study space, personalizing your supplies, or adding a touch of inspiration, these back-to-school craft ideas will make the transition from summer to school exciting and colorful. So, gather your crafting materials and get ready to get creative with your back-to-school routine! I can’t wait to see what you do!


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