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Baby Names with Three Syllables

Drawings of boys' names consisting of three syllables

If you’re looking for a name for your new baby, three-syllable names might be what you’re looking for. Three-syllable names can be unique, timeless, and will easily stand out from the crowd.

All of these names are easy to pronounce, spell and remember. They can create great first names or last names too. And because three-syllable names can be a little longer, they often have really fun nicknames!

Can’t decide whether you want timeless three-syllable boys’ names or more modern three-syllable girls’ names? We’ve got you covered because these kids’ menus have some of each! There’s sure to be something to love here either way!

Three-syllable baby names are timeless but uncommon

List of three-syllable baby names

Many of these names have been timeless favorites for centuries. This list of baby names has the charm and sweetness of traditional names that we all love. One of my favorite things about these names is that they are historical and charming but not as common as, say, William, Mary, and Elizabeth. They are unique and will never go out of style!

Modern boys’ names consisting of three syllables

List of three-syllable baby names

Are you looking for a more modern baby name? Try favorites like Leonie, Everest, and Zendaya as they have a more contemporary and unique sound. It’s not common to hear in the schoolyard, but it’s as charming and cute as any other song!

More baby name ideas

Choosing the perfect name for your new bundle of joy can be tough, but hopefully this list of three three-syllable girls’ and boys’ names will help you make a little better decision!


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