An English Pub Inspired Basement Renovation


Earlier this summer, we started helping our friends renovate their basement. They built their house about a year and a half ago but left the basement unfinished and are finally ready to tackle it. So we teamed up to bring them the English basement-inspired pub of their dreams.

Moody comfortable basement renovation

We’re all big fans of Ted Lasso and that was definitely what we were aiming for in this design. The Crown & Anchor bar from the show is exactly the vibe we were going for. Dark, moody, alive and full of personality.

We started with a standard unfinished basement, also known as a concrete box. Our friends rented the frames, drywall, and electricity and did all the painting themselves. They painted the ceiling with this amazing product called Drought. It’s paint that turns into dust when it dries, so you don’t have to worry about paint falling onto your floor. Then it was time for Dan and I to step in and help realize my vision. Let me walk you through this completely transformed space!

Let’s start by processing the wall. From the beginning I knew we needed to incorporate some delicious dark wood to make the pub feel how we wanted it to feel. So we teamed up with The Wood Veneer Hub and used their amazing products Acoustic wood wall panels In Smoked Oak. It has a recycled acoustic felt backing which makes it very easy to install. Much easier than the wooden slats we made for the playroom.

Dark painted basement

They instantly added so much character to our blank walls. To help finish the look, we added a piece of chair rail on top stained in a similar color.

Our original plan was to wallpaper the top half of the walls, but we went with dark patterned wallpaper that we loved. This also wasn’t expensive. So we decided instead to paint and add the box molding, which is what I like best anyway. It’s an easy and fairly affordable way to instantly transform plain walls. It helped add to this space a feeling like it has been here for years and not new. We painted the top half of Garden Gate by Sherwin Williams.

Vintage basement makeover

I have to give a huge shout out to Dan for building this amazing bar. I’ve never designed one and he’s never built one but we’re very proud of how it turned out. The basement already has the perfect angle to put it in and we used all that space to its fullest potential. We added lots of embellishments and moldings to give it character and charm and painted it with my favorites Dark Walnut Gel Dye.

DIY basement bar

The back has been left completely open for storage, a mini fridge and all its bar accessories.

Dan’s father tiled the back wall Brick look porcelain tiles To add more old world charm. We hung the liquor rack wall-to-wall along the back using a DIY shelf rail.

English inspired bar

My favorite part of the bar was all the old family photos we hung. We even hung up our friend’s grandfather’s old firefighter hat. These special pieces are really what bring a space to life and make it feel unique.

Downstairs Inspo Bar

To the built-in seat area. Dan handled this build as well and loved the way it came out. We added little furniture feet on the corners to make it look like a piece of furniture and some curved sides. Our friend had this beautiful old table and chairs from a local bookstore that fit perfectly.

Built-in bar table

This is definitely my favorite place in the entire basement. I created this vintage gallery wall with vintage photos mixed with downloadable prints from Etsy and it makes it look like the perfect setting at your favorite bar where you spend hours and hours with friends drinking and making the best memories.

Vintage gallery wall

One of the first pieces acquired for this space was this gorgeous blue velvet piece. It’s the Song L Sections from Sixpence It stops the show. The fabric is Star Sapphire washed cotton velvet. We built our entire design around it. It is beautiful, practical and very convenient. Our friends have enjoyed many movie nights and naps and the family is hanging on to it, and it is a great fit for their family of 5 plus a new puppy!

The lower level is European inspired

Adjacent to the lounge area is the gaming area where we place a ping pong table and a shuffleboard table. I love that there are 4 defined areas that all have their own function, but all flow together well to create one cohesive design.

Basement renovation ideas

All the decor and finishing touches were very interesting to help bring this space to life and make it feel like an English pub. All the furniture we used was antique or used and we added some vintage lamps to help set the mood as well as lots of sconces on the walls.

This project took us out of our comfort zones because we had never dealt with a basement before. Daddy lives in our house and this will always be his space for him to do whatever he wants. So, for now, it’s still full of red, black, and lots of bobbleheads :-p

But I’m so grateful that our friends let us take the reins on designing their basement – it was an amazing experience and we can’t wait to celebrate at their Christmas party next month!

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Wooden wall panels
Star Sapphire Velvet Sofa
Wall color: Garden Gate by Sherwin Williams


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