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All The Paint Colors In Our Home

List of retro boho paint colors

One of the most frequently asked questions I get On social media And here on the blog, “What paint color is this?” So, I thought it was time to do a roundup of all the colors we’ve used so far in our new home. When we first moved into the house in 2022, I expected to be able to use a lot of the same colors we used in our old house. However, I quickly realized this Bright white I loved it very much Grey/beige paint I also came to just love it He didn’t do that Working with newly inherited cream painted trim (which is very similar White decor From Sherwin Williams, in case you were wondering).

Anyway, I had to rethink all my paint plans after we moved, but I’ve since narrowed down my entire house color palette to a really nice selection of paints. Keep scrolling as I take you room by room to name and describe the colors I’m loving right now, and be sure to scroll to the end of the post for details on some of the colors I can’t wait to try. the next.

List of retro boho paint colorsList of retro boho paint colors

Sunroom: Pure White, Sherwin Williams

When you look at the photos in today’s post, you’ll see quite a few white walls. I used a paint called Elegant white From Better Homes & Gardens when we first moved in, that has since been discontinued, but it’s exactly the same as Sherwin-Williams Bright white. I love the way it looks with the cream trim, and it really works wonders for brightening up spaces in our home. Pretty much any white wall you see in our house is painted This particular shade of white.

List of retro boho paint colors

Dining room: Homburg Gray, Sherwin Williams

Our dining room also got a layer of Bright white Top to bottom shortly after we moved in, but I felt like the space finally looked a little plain and only had white/cream paint. So, I decided to add a pop of color to the rich grey/green/blue in the lower half of the room. I painted Homburg Gray From Sherwin-Williams along the area under the chair rail, and suddenly the room seemed a lot more moody and interesting. You’ll see later that I carried this dark color into the living room as well, which helped these semi-adjacent spaces look more pulled together.

List of retro boho paint colors

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List of retro boho paint colors

Guest room: Similar to the Modern White room, the Sherwin-Williams room

I’m asked regularly On Instagram To name the paint color in our guest room, but it’s actually very thin paisley-like wallpaper. If you look closely, you’ll see a two-tone cream and white print of the leaves and petals, but when you see it from a distance, it definitely looks like a really nice soft neutral paint color. I recently matched him Moderate white By Sherwin-Williams In case you want to try to get the look without having to track down a roll or two of similar old wallpaper.

List of retro boho paint colors

Reveal the bathroom makeover in the retro hall

Kitchen and bathroom corner in the hall: Hazel, Sherwin-Williams

Another now-discontinued Better Homes & Gardens paint color that I used right when we moved in is being recalled Silky jade. Again, I matched it, and the closest paint color name I could come up with is hazelnut By Sherwin Williams. It’s a fun blue/green shade that really speaks to me. We used it in the hall bathroom, and also under the chair rail in the seating area in the corner of the kitchen. Oh, and by the way, in case you noticed…yes, I’m a big fan of Sherwin-Williams paint! There is a SW store near our house, so I naturally turn to that direction when I need a source of paint.

List of retro boho paint colors

Add architectural wall texture using trimAdd architectural wall texture using trim

List of retro boho paint colors

Handcrafted built-in floating shelves

Living Room/Entryway: Origami White, Pebble Sand, and Homburg Gray, Sherwin-Williams

Our living room is probably the most colorful room in our house and features three different paint colors. We used a different gray color than Sherwin-Williams white paint on the two longest walls called White origamithen you choose to use Homburg Gray (the same paint color I used in the dining room) to accentuate the fireplace wall. Finally, I added pops of Lovely sand To the entryway and the walls directly behind the floating bookshelves. If you’re interested in the wallpaper I used on the walls around our entryway, it’s from Fancy Walls and it’s called Neutral retro geometric.

A mid-century kitchen with vintage-style peel-and-stick patterned wallpaperA mid-century kitchen with vintage-style peel-and-stick patterned wallpaper

Kitchen Cabinets: Unfiltered, Clear Lacquer

The best thing we’ve done so far in our new house is paint our old wood kitchen cabinets. You can read that entire story here if you missed it, but we decided to use it There is no filter From Clare Paint as a new color for our wardrobe. This neutral, cream-colored paint added so much brightness and freshness to the room, I couldn’t believe it when I first swiped it down after applying the paint brush (which it actually did!) Still It makes me so excited to stare at it, even months later). I’ll never be able to get over the sheer amount of paint to transform a room – without spending a lot of money too!

List of retro boho paint colorsList of retro boho paint colors

Home Office and Entryway: Lovely Sand, Sherwin Williams

After use Lovely sand In the front living room and entryway, I decided to move the color into the bedroom wing of our house to help add some cohesion to this part of the floor plan. I used it to treat 3/4 of a wall in my home office, and I love how much warmth it gives the space. I should mention to all the smart editors I know that “likeable” is not usually spelled “likeable,” but that’s how Sherwin-Williams spells the name of the paint color in their database, so I’m sticking with it!

List of retro boho paint colorsList of retro boho paint colors

Bath Essential: Sea Salt, Sherwin Williams

It may be a little difficult to see the wall color in our primary bathroom in those photos above, but I used it sea ​​salt From Sherwin-Williams in space when I did this last summer. I wanted something neutral with just a touch of color This blue/green light Works perfectly. I love how it subtly pops against the existing antique white wall tiles and the gold accents we chose for the lighting, mirror and plumbing. If you’re looking for the perfect spa-inspired blue/green paint, I couldn’t help but think of this sea ​​salt is your answer.

List of retro boho paint colors

Master bedroom: Celadon Lemouche, James Alexander

The top portion of our primary bedroom walls is actually in the midst of a major makeover right now (say goodbye to old wallpaper!), but the bottom half is completely finished. Celadon Lemouche By James Alexander. I worked on this project last year, and was impressed with the way it turned out. Limewash certainly requires more maintenance than regular painted walls, but there’s something very unique about this decorative wall treatment. The light blue/green color of the limewash also goes well with the wall sea ​​salt In our attached master bathroom.

List of retro boho paint colors

There you have it – every paint color name in our new house! If you have any questions about the colors we used or the paint brands we choose, please leave a comment. I make sure to respond to every comment left here on the blog, so you can be confident that I will get back to you with all the details I may have accidentally left out.

As for paint colors, I’d love to try them out here on our old farm, I’ve got my eye on them Evergreen fog From Sherwin Williams, Desert twilight From Benjamin Moore, Coastal plain By Sherwin Williams, W Rosemary, which is (you guessed it!) also from Sherwin Williams. As you can see if you click on those links, the moody dark green is really inspiring me right now. What are the paint colors? You Loving?

List of retro boho paint colors

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