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Affordable Pinch Pleat Curtains On Amazon

New affordable pleated curtains Amazon Read on to find out more!

I recently added my favorite Twopages curtains to our bedroom – and immediately fell in love with them. From that moment on, I decided to save money to eventually add these curtains to our basement area. I knew adding these curtains would cost me over $500—even for a standard, non-custom size.

But I stumbled This brand of Pleat curtains on Amazon. These looked very similar to TwoPages but were much cheaper. I can get a set of two folded panels for less than the cost of one at TwoPages.

Curiosity got the best of me and I ordered a set to see how it was (they don’t have many reviews). I am happy to report that they met all of my expectations.

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Obviously the price is a big plus. After testing one set, I ordered two more sets to fill the basement area. The total cost was less than half of what it would have cost with TwoPages. You will save more money If you compare it to the cost of TwoPages Custom.

Affordable Lined Pleated Curtains on Amazon

Another supporter? They are beautifully made curtains. It feels like linen with a light texture, and has a very heavy feel (especially with the added curtain weights at the bottom). These curtains come with pleated hooks, but I don’t love these pleated hooks as much as the TwoPages curtains.

Close-up of the curtain lining

They also have a blackout lining which is an added bonus (this is usually an additional cost). They are available in standard sizes up to 108 inches long by 40 inches wide. Overall – I’m very happy with them!

  • Reasonable price for press pleat curtains
  • Very well made
  • Comes with folded hooks
  • Curtains have curtain weights
  • Available in a set of two panels for easy ordering
  • Offering standard sizes up to 108 inches long
  • You can bring them back! Customized products cannot be returned.


Although I love these curtains, it’s not the same as ordering custom, tailored, ready-to-go press pleat curtains. With that being said, the following were very minor issues for me and I knew I could fix them or live with them in order to save costs.

Close-up of the curtain lining

One negative is that the blackout liner is a light grey. If you want your white curtains to show up from the street side, these *may* not be the curtains for you. The gray lining also makes the white curtains look a little less white and bright. Don’t get me wrong – these curtains are great, but they sure look a little more faded than the TwoPages white curtains that have a white lining.

Another drawback is the color and size options. Not much. Five color options and four different sizes. On the contrary, the material is beautiful and the sizes are normal.

Affordable Lined Pleated Curtains on Amazon, Hanging in Kitchen Area

You will need to steam these curtains because mine are getting a little wrinkled, but I do that with all my curtains anyway. Finally, I didn’t like the folded hooks that came with these. I much prefer TwoPages hooks. It was a bit more complicated to install, but once I installed it, it was fine.

  • Five colors and four sizes only (for the folded version)
  • It gets to a slightly wrinkier setting – needs steaming
  • Gray blackout lining
  • The folded hooks are a bit of a hassle to install

Final considerations for affordable pleated curtains

→ If I want custom-sized white lined ready-to-hang pleated curtains – TwoPages is still my favorite. They really are worth the money when you consider what you get. Just hang up and go!

→ If I wanted standard size pleated curtains, but needed more color options – TwoPages is your best bet. Standard sizes are cheaper than custom sizes, however – you cannot return custom made. So be sure you love them!

→ If I want standard size pleated curtains in your primary colors – then VisionHome is the way to go. Yes, you may have to deal with gray eyeliner and a little fluff, but that cost saving really adds up. And I tell you – these curtains are amazing!

Affordable Lined Pleated Curtains on Amazon, Hanging in Kitchen Area

→ If you want to go the DIY route, you can make your own press-pleated curtains or use ready-made pleat tape and pleat hooks from IKEA.

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