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Acorn Crafts for the Best Fall Ever

Do you love oak decor and crafts? Check out this collection of great autumn ideas! Kick off fall with some simple handmade projects.

Required Skills: None. Acorns are relatively easy to work with. You will have no problem with these ideas, even if you have never prepared them before.

Easy Acorn Crafts

If there’s one thing I love about fall (besides pumpkins and candy), it’s all-natural materials for crafts.

There’s something special about using what a good master has given you, but at the same time – the acorn is free. I’m a proponent of free craft ideas, and I know many of you are too.

It’s not just the fall colors that I love, but also the textures. Among the leaves, pinecones and acorns. , , You have plenty of materials that can add interest to your craft projects.

I recently found some giant acorns so I’m excited to share some of them Acorn Crafts with you

I haven’t tried all of these, but I have got enough quantity that I could make all of these if I wanted to. and I do! However the first step when you get the acorns. , , Learning from experience. , , dry them,

Tips for making acorn crafts

I’ve picked out a bunch of acorn crafts that you can make using acorns that you find and collect. These projects use either a base, a cap, or both. Most of them are home decor projects, perfect for fall decor or a Thanksgiving tablescape.

Now you may be wondering what type of acorn to use. Do they have to be real?

Real or fake acorn?

Should you use real or fake acorns? that’s up to you. Don’t forget that some people may not have acorns available in their area, or squirrels will steal them all before collection can begin.

If that’s the case, you can get fake acorns or wooden acorns online.

Remember: If you use real acorns, you’ll need to dry them so the besties don’t fall out. This happened to me and it’s disgusting. Don’t make the same mistakes.

best paint to use

Any acrylic multi-surface or outdoor paint that you can buy at a craft store will work. I like to use FolkArt acrylics or Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Paint because they are very pigmented. This means I have to give my acorns fewer coats.

I usually paint one side of the acorn, let it dry and then paint the other side. If I want to put Mod Podge glitter on my nuts (haha!), I’ll paint them with the coordinating color paint first.

Spray paint is something you may want to use as well, but I only recommend this if you want to paint your acorns all one color – as spray paint is expensive per can.

That’s why I usually prefer acrylic paint. It takes more time, but then I can use a wider variety of colors.

Are you ready to get acorn crafts? Keep scrolling down!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments which of these acorn crafts is your favorite!


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