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A Sneak Peek at Hawaiian Culture

What makes Hawaii a breathtaking place and a dream destination? A whole lot. Discover the traditional foods, drinks and crafts of Hawaiian culture!

Did you know that the islands of Hawaii were formed by volcanic activity 70 million years ago? Crazy amazing, right? This fact alone already makes Hawaii a unique place in the world. Hawaii is an archipelago surrounded by blue waters. As one of the most isolated and uninhabited places in the world, this tropical island chain also carries a fascinating history that has shaped its people, culture and traditions. And as home to ethnic diversity, Hawaii’s food, drink, and arts and crafts are a fusion of cultures influenced by its immigrants. Check out some of them on this quick trip to experience Hawaiian culture!

United Flavors of Culture

Hawaii’s food culture is rooted in the influence of seafarers who saw and experienced Hawaii’s rich resources. Beautiful dishes made with local ingredients and traditional techniques come from the interaction between traditions. From Asian countries like Japan, the Philippines, Korea and China to European countries, Hawaii’s food culture has become one of a kind in the culinary world.

1. Pā Mea ʻAi (Hawaiian Plate)

The Hawaiian plate may sound simple, but it is the pride and identity of Hawaii. A Hawaiian plate is a traditional dish with many ingredients, flavors, and textures—mixing and matching the true flavors of Hawaii. The plate usually consists of your kalua pig or your choice of meat, pork or chicken laulau (wrapped in taro leaves), pipikaula (a dried beef) and lomi salmon. It consists of poi (taro), haupia or kulolo (a pudding).

2. Punch

Poke is a Native Hawaiian dish with a deep history. The first Hawaiians enjoyed it because they had free-flowing access to water. As the word poke means to slice, the dish is a cubed fresh raw fish marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, onion and sometimes fresh seaweed. When you are in Hawaii, you must not miss this local dish!

3. Kakigori (shaved ice)

Yes, as the name suggests, kakigori is a Hawaiian dish inspired by Japanese immigrants back in the day. It’s an iconic dessert that’s simply delicious and refreshing with local Hawaiian-flavored syrups generously drizzled over ice and sometimes topped with fresh local fruit, beans, and ice cream. Name. This precious Hawaiian good is versatile!

Beyond Tiki Cocktail

A tropical location always calls for tropical drinks that bring you to a new level of lightness. The concept of tiki dates back to ancient Polynesian times. Tiki is believed to be a mythical character who created and was worshiped by humans but feared by Polynesians. However, in the 1930s, the tiki cocktail concept was introduced in California, with rum-based combinations with homemade syrups and fresh juices. Tiki cocktails paved their way to popularity and became an all-time favorite for bar hoppers!

1. Fiery volcano

Flaming Volcano is a popular tiki drink believed to have been first created in Hawaii in the 1960s. This cocktail combines brandy, rum, fruit juice and almond syrup. All the ingredients are mixed with ice and poured into an amazing bowl depicting a volcano. Flaming volcanoes are usually served to a group with long straws to avoid contact with the flames.

2. Lava flows

A traditional Hawaiian cocktail with many variations, the Lava Flow is a mixed cocktail with coconut rum, light rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice and fresh fruit such as strawberries. Spirits and strawberries are mixed and then combined with other ingredients in a glass to create an illusion of the strawberries swirling in the glass like a lava flow.

3. Blue Hawaii

Blue like Hawaiian water, this world-famous cocktail invented in the 1950s in Waikiki is truly Hawaiian pride. Fun fact: It is said that true blue Hawaii is not shaken but built. Its combination includes rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice and a sweet and sour mix. To finish off the build, this popular drink is garnished with pineapple chunks and the iconic tropical cocktail umbrella!

Hawaiian Art

Over the years, Hawaii has remained a very distinct country with its rich history, culture and heritage values ​​and traditions that stay true to its roots. Hawaiian culture is characterized by its oceanic art concepts and Polynesian and Tahitian influences. Their identity as a tradition comes from their exotic art forms in arts and crafts.

1. Lei (Hawaiian wreath/garland)

In Hawaiian culture, lace symbolizes values ​​that embody love, friendship, and celebration. It symbolizes respect, goodwill and the Hawaiian alha spirit. Lying is a beautiful craft made of flowers, seashells, leaves, feathers and even animal bones.

2. Kapa (textile work)

Sometimes called tapao, this traditional Hawaiian craft is a cloth woven from the inner bark of a mulberry tree made of various plant fibers. The craft is believed to have been introduced by missionaries to Hawaii, and the people quickly learned and incorporated their techniques to modify the method to suit their needs. Cotton is used as clothing, the banner of God and now as a concept for decorating homes in the modern world.

3. Na Hulu Ali’i (Feather Work)

Considered the most important craft in Hawaii, this featherwork symbolizes social and spiritual significance in Hawaiian culture. Na hulu ali’i Used to honor Hawaiian royalty and sophistication, only individuals were allowed to wear the craft. They are also not easy to make. Over the years, Hawaiians made them for a while, as collecting, trimming, and designing feathers was laborious. However, in modern days, only some people carry on with the tradition.

Aloha Hawaii!

Clear and blue Pacific waters, fine white sand, green high mountains and welcoming people are all you can imagine of Hawaii. But the experience is a bit fragmented without a small wooden umbrella and playful tiki cocktail glass with pieces of fresh fruit hanging around the rim, teasing your senses and your tropical excitement.

You may be far from Hawaii, but you can never be too far from the real thing. We’re diving into a wave of tiki-inspired flavors Cocktails and Mocktails In virtual or in-person activities for the new quarter. Each recipe is colorful, exciting, fruity, and tempting, just like the original Alha spirit! The experience doesn’t stop there as we introduce you to a special event Make shaved ice The youngsters in the family won’t miss it. All this with our team at Kits by Food Craft!


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