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A New Way to Extend the Life of Cut Flowers » Lovely Indeed

Having fresh flowers around is a luxury and a treat! Learn how to extend the life of cut flowers with this new idea.

Arrange flowers in a hexagonal dish

The more I work with floral projects over the years, the better I become at making my cut flowers last.

Yes, there is definitely a shelf life but there are also a lot of little tricks you can use to extend the life of your cut flowers.

It kills me after creating a project like this and throwing flowers away when finished. I can not afford it!

So I’m sharing my best tips and a brand new idea to make your cut flowers stay fresher longer.

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Arrange flowers in a hexagonal dish

Projects using fresh flowers

I’ve used these tricks in many of our fresh flower projects.

They’re perfect to make if you’re making your own bouquets from grocery store flowers.

Or if you’re creating a project like our flower wall where you’ll have a lot of fresh cut flowers, this new idea is a game changer.

You can also use this idea to make your event flowers last a little longer! Perfect for bridesmaid bouquets, shower flower arrangements and more.

And if you need more floral inspiration, here are some of our most popular floral projects from the archives.

Supplies you’ll need

Flowers. Whether they’re perfectly fresh or starting to lose their vibrancy, these ideas will work for your flowers.

A bowl or shallow dish. I love this But I just used a regular serving plate with a high lip too and it works perfectly!

scissors. Any scissors will do, but if you frequently work with flowers, you can use a pair of scissors Floral shears It will make the cleanest cuts and deliver great results while you try to keep your flowers fresh.

fresh water. The fresher the better!

Keep cut flowers fresh

There are a lot of factors that go into keeping cut flowers fresh and extending their life!

For starters, and if you have the option, placing cut flowers in the refrigerator overnight works wonders to maintain their freshness.

In the winter months, I sometimes leave cut flower arrangements in our garage where it is cooler than at home.

Next, cut flowers love a little attention. For best water absorption, cut cut flower stems at a 45-degree angle; You can also do this every other day to create new pieces.

Fresh cuttings should be followed by a water change in the vase or bowl that holds your flowers.

Arrange flowers in a hexagonal dish

Try this new arrangement to extend the life of your cut flowers

Once your flowers are a few days old, you may start to see some drooping or loss of vibrancy.

When that starts happening, I love reusing them and extending their lives with a new flower arrangement.

This helps avoid disposal and gives you a few extra days for flowers on your countertop or for your event!

  1. Trim the stems to about 1-2 inches each, and discard any broken or wet greens. When you prune, make sure to cut the stem at an angle to allow the flower to absorb maximum water.
  2. Next, fill a low plate or shallow bowl with about half an inch of water.
  3. Finally, start filling the plate or bowl until it is full of flowers. You should make sure to keep the petals away from water as much as possible, as this may speed up the decay process.
  4. Change the water daily and remove any flowers that have begun to spoil.

When I create arrangements like this, they often last an extra five or six days!

Just be sure to keep changing the water and remove any drooping leaves or petals.

What to do with cut flowers that are past their prime

Arrange flowers in a hexagonal dish

If you have some flowers that you couldn’t save, consider pressing them instead of throwing them away!

This easy DIY flower press is a great tool to keep around the house in your craft arsenal.

They are easy to make and you can press the most beautiful flowers to use in projects.

I pressed flowers with the kids for these DIY bookmarks and they are still so beautiful!

I hope you try some of these new and fun ways to extend the life of your cut flowers. Enjoy! xoxo

Arrange flowers in a hexagonal dish

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