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A guide to matting for businesses

If you run any kind of business, you need mats. To find out which mats will suit your business best, check out our handy guide to matting.

Floor mat in hallway

There are different types of mats from simple outdoor/indoor mats that are used to wipe your feet when you enter a premises for industrial purposes, promotional purposes and even for health purposes.

Entrance mat

Entrance mats can be used outside or inside. Placed at the entrance of your building, their purpose is to stop water and dirt from tracking inside. There is a mat at the entrance Can help prevent slips and falls as it will help keep the surface of your floors clean. Some good choices for entrance mats are:

Industrial mat

Industrial mats are used throughout your business and can help reduce the risk of heavy machinery slipping, falling and colliding. If you have people operating machines like forklifts or vans that come in and out of your building, it’s a good idea to invest in the right mats. The mat can dry the wheels as the car enters the building, preventing it from skidding due to wet tires. Every guide to matting will tell you which mats are used in an industrial trade:

  • Rubber anti-slip mat – As we already mentioned these mats are designed to prevent slipping, which makes them a perfect solution for rainy and snowy periods. Having them throughout your business can reduce slips and falls due to slippery surfaces or spills. They are also great for commercial kitchens as they will not only make it safer for workers but can also prevent damage from falling equipment.
  • Heavy duty entrance mats – Specially designed for areas with high footfall. These mats are durable and perfect as an industrial building entrance mat.
  • Anti-static mats (ESD) – Designed to prevent static shock to personnel and equipment. Can be used on workbench, tabletop and floor.
  • Tacky mats – Prevent fine particles of dust and dirt from entering the premises. Ideal for the entrance to those sterile premises.
  • Cutting mat – Ideal for tabletops and workplaces where knives and other cutting tools are used. These mats prevent damage to the bottom surface and are easy to clean with just water or detergent as they are waterproof and chemical resistant.
  • Office chair mat – Prevent bumps on the floor from chair legs or wheels. It also keeps your chair from rolling too much on slippery floors.
Floor mats in front of building

Anti-fatigue mat

Anti-fatigue Mats Great for commercial businesses as they can reduce health issues among employees. The anti-fatigue qualities of these mats help reduce the problems usually associated with standing on hard floors for long periods of time such as joint pain, flat feet, varicose veins, poor posture and others. Reducing these problems helps employees stay healthy and increases their sanity and productivity.

leisure matting

Leisure matting has a wide range of applications. It is used around wet areas, in playgrounds, leisure centers and gyms. Leisure mats are specially designed for such areas, made of rubber for shock absorption or PVC for use around wet areas. Here are a few different leisure mats to choose from, from guides to matting.

  • Swimming Pool Mats/ Changing Room Mats – Ideal for use around swimming pools and changing rooms, they provide a non-slip environment and prevent the spread of mold and bacteria. Swimming/changing room mats for wet areas Usually available as rolls, tiles or individual mats.
  • Rubber gym mats – Durable, designed to prevent damage to floors and falling equipment. They have good shock absorption and high impact sound resistance. Great for home and professional gyms.
  • Rubber playground mats – Designed for playgrounds and children’s safety, these mats are good for cushioning falls and reducing the chance of slipping while running and playing.


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