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A few tasty Brazilian Recipes to try

Todo boom?! Have you been following Lars’ big tour this year? Inspired by different global destinations around the world, our product collaborations take us all over the world – starting with Brazil! Our second swimwear collection with Lime Ricki Now, the Brasil collection nods to the tropical richness and culture of Brazil’s famous coastal beaches. Think lime, coconut, and pineapple – because what better way to have an immersive travel experience than through local cuisine? Well, here are some delicious Brazilian recipes. You are in a great place – literally!

Brazil in the World Cup

While Brazil hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2014, Lars brought Brazil a little closer to home by sharing these recipes. I remember the World Cup in particular was the first time international football became on my radar. It was my first summer of college and I was studying at a university in Hawaii that had a multicultural student body. I saw how the World Cup in Brazil generated so much celebration and enthusiasm from the global audience, and I admired that kind of unity. How the love of sport can bring people together, focusing on the rich culture of the host country through music, dance, art and talent. Very pleasant!

Colorful umbrellas hang over a street in Tiradantes, Brazil
Photography by Douglas Mendez

Brazilian art and culture

To gather more knowledge about Brazilian history and culture, we are joined by Professor Rex Nelson as Director of the Center for the Humanities at Brigham Young University and a long-time friend of Lars. Our team received a fascinating presentation about the visual arts in Brazil and learned how their artistic movements and cultural renaissance became the Brazil we know today. Brazil has long been a place of mixed cultures, with a unique mix of ethnicities and world heritage acquired from other countries over time.

Playing at the Inhotim Museum in Brumahindo, Brazil
Photography by Mateus Viana

Eventually, with a growing desire to define what Brazil’s contributions to the world would be, there was an awakening of the arts. Much of what artists created at this time came collectively to define the designs and colors now internationally associated with Brazil. Painters, writers, poets, musicians, etc., were the focus of the rethinking and revitalization of what “Brazil” meant to the outside world. I can only imagine the creativity and imagination that was poured into this noble endeavour. What a good time to be alive!

Brazilian recipes

Now, to the kitchen! Before we get started here, I also want you to understand that I am a beach girl to the core. 100% beach girl. And beach girl eats things on the beach. I don’t know if you can have food as your spirit animal, but coconut and pineapple – they’re in my spirit. So I’ll only judge you a little if you decide to disgust these Brazilian recipes. Today we explore:

Brazilian coconut bars

known as Cocada de Forno In Portuguese, which translates to “oven-baked coconut” in English, we dive into Brazilian coconut bars. Coconuts contribute significantly to Brazil’s economy, making it one of the largest coconut producers in the world. Although it’s a “nut” in name, coconuts are part of the fruit family. The white inner flesh is the source of the edible parts of the coconut: coconut oil, coconut cream, coconut milk, you name it!

Brazilian dreams

What we would equate to a type of Brazilian cake, dreams (meaning “dreams”) is a traditional dessert that you can find in any Brazilian bakery. It can also be found in Portugal funnily enough – but not too surprising given relations between Brazil and Portugal that go back centuries. These lovely sweets are bite-sized sweets that melt in your mouth, with a crunchy exterior and soft interior. Sonhouse They come with many popular fillings and flavors, but in this recipe we use dulce di lite. For best results, order the filling of your choice and use generously (don’t forget the powdered sugar)!

Brazilian pineapple lemonade

And last but not least, Brazilian Pineapple Lemonade! A refreshing drink is finally here to quench our tropical thirst! This cold drink hits the spot after a long day in the sun or under some palm trees near the beach. Believed to be native to Brazil, the pineapple is another fruit central to the country’s history and culture. You can find pineapples in Brazilian art, architecture, food, etc., and find that they have taken on different symbolic meanings over time.

Do you have any favorite Brazilian recipes? We’d love to hear it in the comments below or you can always tag us on Instagram at #Lars_Max.

With love from Lars Kitchen, Ate soon! (Until next time!)


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