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6 Most Realistic Garlands For 2023

I have purchased a lot of wreaths over the years and have unfortunately had to return most of them. Most of them are too fake, too stingy, and not the right colour. What’s up with the neon green? I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again – I’m picky when it comes to artificial flowers and greenery – my eagle eye can spot fakes from a mile away.

I thought this post would be helpful if you’re looking for the cutest, most realistic wreaths out there! But you have to get it early because it sells out very quickly.

When shopping for artificial wreaths, I consider factors like quality, realism, pre-lit or non-lit color scheme, and price (since I’m usually on a tight budget). Most are budget friendly, with the exception of a couple. But again – THINK INVESTMENT, NOT OH MY GOD!!

The most realistic wreaths

I won’t bore you with 25 wreaths here – I honestly hate this type of post. I’m just pointing out the best wreaths that deserve a place in your home. For this reason, this list is small but none of them will disappoint you. Let’s start going through each one!

We’re starting with My favorite wreath of all time. Without much effort. I have never seen such a vibrant collar! I can’t tell you how many people ask me if these wreaths are real. Every year, I try to get one or two more. So hopefully, in about five years, I’ll have enough to distribute throughout our house. Best of all, these wreaths are affordable (especially in the off-months). They are soft and drapery and look very pretty.

This Norfolk Pine Garland is sold out in various places, so I’m including a set here. I bought mine from Kirklands and Afloral. It’s the same wreath – so shop before they’re sold out! You can also buy from Etsy and Amazon.

More realistic wreaths you can buy
Darby Creek Trading – Etsy

Here are several options for this:

2. Artificial rice wreath

Another winner from Afloral with Their faux cedar wreath. But again, I’ll include some very close runners here. This color is very realistic, has a good green color (not fake neon) and drapes beautifully. I like the shape of the branches.

Faux cedar wreath

However, just like their pine wreath, there are some very close matches to this one. paying off This is from Etsy! Very close match, am I right??

More realistic wreaths you can buy

I also came across this On Etsy. It’s so full and lush and a great price! It’s faux cedar and hemlock, but it’s equally beautiful in my opinion. Its reviews are excellent and I think you should give it a second look.

Synthetic cedar and hemlock

3. Pottery Barn Cedar Garland

Pottery Barn has two different versions; I personally like the curtains, a kind of splattered garland but maybe I’m just weird like that. You can See this here. They have it too This cedar wreath is very full and lush If you want a major statement without having to lay out wreaths.

Barn pottery lush wreath

They’re expensive, but you buy them once and can use them forever. These wreaths never go out of fashion. Etsy also has a very nice cedar wreath (not lush, but pretty and realistic) here.

4. Long artificial pine needle

Artificial Pine Wreath - Wayfair

If you love the look of long needles, look no further This beauty From Wayfair. He stands 5 feet tall and comes with pine cones and looks as real as can be. Plus – you can beat this price! Tons of 5 star reviews.

5. Angel Pine Garland from Ballard Designs

Ballard Design Angel Pine Wreath

You’ll also love it Angel Pine Garland Designed by Ballard. They are soft, not plasticy in appearance and the needles have a shaded appearance, just like a real pine wreath. It is approximately 9 feet tall and comes with extra pinecones so you can literally hang it up and be done with it. Amazing reviews!

6. Joey Garland’s Amazon Concert

I bought This joy wreath is for parties Last year let me tell you – I was With pleasure I was surprised by the price. It comes with 16 feet of lights, and the needles look very real to me. It is not a fake color. This is the best budget option on the list. They have other styles too – thinking I might try the rice version this year!

Party joy wreath

That wraps it up for this year! Whether you choose a simple decorative wreath or a more elaborate wreath, it will add a festive touch to your holiday decor and bring happiness to your home for years and years to come.

6 more realistic wreaths for 2023

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