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6 Home Renovation Ideas That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Home renovations are becoming more accessible to the average person now that the supply shortage is largely over. Because of this, homeowners have a greater tendency to update their properties: but without a clear vision of what you need to build for value and comfort, you can hurt your home’s resale value. So we’ve come up with these 6 home renovation ideas that will definitely increase the value of your home.

Renovated kitchen

These six renovation ideas that will increase the value of your home will ensure that you get every cent of its value!

1. Give the floor a new look

Many vendors neglect to make sure their floors are cleaned. Buyers can get stuck worrying about the flooring, though, and will quickly move on to a home if it seems like the floors need a lot of work. To overcome this and sell faster, it’s best to replace your flooring with something long-lasting that looks good. Avoid carpet anywhere except the bedroom as it can quickly stain and look bad. Instead, adding wood or wood laminate may be the best option.

2. Update an old roof

The average roof only lasts twenty to fifty years: so you must know the age of your roof. Also, please know what state it is in at all times. If it looks old or the shingles are coming off, it’s time to start looking at a new roof. No buyer wants to buy a home and then immediately have to spend ten to fifty thousand dollars to replace their roof. Take care of these issues, and you’ll be able to sell for more money quickly.

Replacing the roof to increase the value of the home

3. Guide the eyes of buyers

Sometimes buyers don’t really know what they want, so it’s up to you to show your property what they need. You can do this strictly, like how many white and black rooms do, through stark shadow contrast: but you can also do it through lighting and staging. Be acutely aware of the placement of everything from lighting to framed art and how you place furniture in each room. Every decision should guide buyers’ eyes on what you want them to see and how you want them to interact with your home. If you give the house a poor layout and clutter it with too much furniture, you can make it feel smaller and cramped, which will scare off any buyers who need space. Build homes they will want to buy.

Updating the exterior as a home renovation idea to increase value

4. Find durable siding

Siding is something that not only prevents the weather from affecting the interior of your home. This protects it from bugs, noise pollution, moisture and more and is one of the home renovation ideas that increase the value the most. For this reason, you must consider updating your siding to something better. This is especially important if your home’s siding is old Fiber cement siding Installing it in place of old and outdated siding costs less than the value it adds to a home. Go for siding that’s a neutral color that still stands out from your neighbors so your home doesn’t feel too cookie-cutter. It’s important to allow your home to stand out without being bland.

5. Add a touch of luxury everywhere

Luxury is something most homeowners look for, so offer it through touches throughout the home so you can entice buyers. This can mean big changes like luxury radiant floor heating or small changes like high quality fixtures like faucets and lighting. By adding small touches of luxury throughout the home, you allow the entire space to feel different without making big, expensive changes. Avoid spending more than 10% of your home’s value with these luxury modifications, or you could blow any chance of improving your home’s value.

6. Mini kitchen makeovers go the distance

Many people think that a kitchen makeover involves completely emptying the space and replacing everything with new items. But, unfortunately, the return on investment for this is not as much as you would expect. Mini kitchen makeovers bring a much higher return on investment and ensure you don’t have to worry about whether the cabinets are too expensive or if the new appliances were more than the kitchen. Instead, opt for a few small changes and update fixtures, and you’ll be good to go in most cases.

Home renovation ideas should always keep the value of your home in mind

Although many homeowners renovate with the length of time they’ll be living there in mind: you should always keep your home’s value in mind because it’s the largest asset most people own. Avoid investing more than 10% of your home’s value anywhere and make sure you’re adding value.


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