October 31st is approaching, and the most awaited Halloween parties are just around the corner!

As they say, it is the beginning of the dark and cold winter after the harvest. Over time, it has become a day of endless trick-or-treating by spooktacular kids (and the young at heart) dressed up with their favorite Halloween characters.

As we share with you 6 spooktacular virtual and in-person activities you can do at work to celebrate Halloween!

Importance of recreational activities for employees

Work is like a jungle; It’s dangerous, noisy and messy, but for those who live there, it’s a peaceful and stress-free environment where they feel safe and contained. Yes, work can be stressful, but if we look at it differently, we can design activities that will help us grow as individuals and, especially, as a team.

Having fun at work promotes a less stressful and more productive environment. Employees can enhance teamwork and engage in friendly conversation while having fun, thereby increasing their creativity, which leads to new ideas.

Recreational activities at work significantly affect a person’s overall well-being and improve their mental health. In the long run, this can add value to your company’s success and promote a harmonious workplace culture.

How do you throw a Halloween party?

Is your team ready to throw a spooky virtual or in-person Halloween party? If not, set the perfect time and date for everyone, choose your theme and have your online platform ready. A great idea either way!

Send out invitations and let them choose their spookiest costumes with a pumpkin basket full of memorable and fun experiences for Halloween virtual and in-person event ideas we’ve prepared for you!

Decorate Halloween Cookies

Cookies are a staple during Halloween that both children and young adults enjoy! Baking your own spooky cookies with your team can be an ideal way to express your creativity.

with us,Halloween-themed cookie decorating Whether at a virtual or in-person event, you’ll enjoy our freshly baked cookies from the comfort of your own home, get creative with awesome cookie designs, and of course, let your kids enjoy the fun too. The best part is, all you have to do is sit back and relax, because the kits will be delivered to your front door!

Our fully organized classes are beginner-friendly, and you’ll have a pastry chef teach you how to bake and decorate cookies with a one-hour live demonstration.

Here are some cookie decorating ideas you can try:

  • Ghost with a cute jack-o-lantern cookies
  • Jack-O-Lantern with Batty Eye Cookies
  • Halloween spiders and web cookies
  • Wheaties, Black and Gold Skull Cookies
  • Black and orange cookies
  • Pumpkin Emoji Cookies
  • Spooky Face Halloween Cookies

A toast to the spooky season

Eat, drink and fear! Get the team together for one of our happy hours,Cocktails and Mocktails Experience the best authentic flavors. Amp up the fun and excitement by having a fun time at your Halloween party.

Get ready to shake and mix like a pro mixologist with our fun team guiding you every step of the way, all for a virtual or in-person team building activity full of fun, spooks and booze!

Prepare a Halloween sushi roll

Preparing for a Halloween party can be time-consuming, and you don’t want your teammates to go hungry. Here we are,Sushi rolling Experience comes.

Learning a new skill as a team can be more enjoyable than doing it on your own. This class will teach you how to properly season sushi rice, chopping techniques for vegetables and protein, and how to make spicy mayo to accompany your sushi!

The best thing is that you can organize a contest and design your sushi in line with your Halloween theme. What could be more fun than preparing your food, right?

Ghostly Art Contest

Take your team’s imagination and creativity to the next level and make it a reality. Host a spooky art contest by sending,,Custom kits To your team like Halloween Origami event.

Set up the mechanics and announce it before the virtual art competition starts. Set a list of rules and regulations, prepare criteria for judging and don’t forget to set a deadline.

Of course, don’t forget the prize. Winners are eligible to receive a fantastic treat, such as a gift certificate to a spa or salon!

DIY Halloween Truffles Treats

Indulge your sweet tooth with this DIY by Food Craft kit,Chocolate Truffle Kit! You can make a variety of spooky truffles with these easy, no-bake chocolate truffles for a fun but sweet treat!

Design your truffles as mummies or make them look like jack-o-lanterns – your mind’s the limit!

Murder Mystery Game

Another fun but exciting game to add to your virtual Halloween party is a murder mystery game! The objective is simple – the story of a murder case should be solved over time and the participants should find out who among them is the murderer.

Level up the murder-solving experience by choosing fun themes and plots with “pieces of evidence” and other things that can be useful to solve the case!

Some of the themes currently trending include:

  • Roaring 1920s: The Great Gatsby
  • the pirate
  • James Bond
  • Poro zamindar
  • harry potter
  • Murders of the 1980s
  • Hollywood
  • Massacre of the 1940s
  • wild west
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Promod Tari
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Murder at the Prom
  • Christmas Capers

Assigning roles about a virtual murder mystery can be a little tricky. Have fun solving murder cases, and don’t forget the rewards!

It’s real!

Making a living is definitely necessary, but we only get one life, so let’s take this opportunity to have some fun and start making memories together.

If the spirit of your company seems to have “gone” and somehow lost its track, perhaps it’s time to plan and host,,Halloween virtual event or,,Halloween party in person in NYC or,The Dallas-Fort Worth Experience. Incorporate these six hassle-free spooktacular activities and make it a day to remember!

Get ready and start celebrating Halloween as a team with,,Kit by Food Craft – Bringing inclusive and diverse virtual and in-person experiences to your doorstep. No Tricks, Just Treats!


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