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6 changes I’m making in the new year to bring peace and joy with MacKenzie-Childs

I used to focus on a huge list of New Year’s resolutions, but since having kids, I’m now all about the small changes that make a big difference. And so far, they’re doing the trick! To help me do this, I’ve partnered with Iconic, Classic and Amazing Mackenzie Childs, whose check collections have remained ingrained in my mind ever since my mother carried the brand in her Corona del Mar store in the 1990s. I can’t believe I’m here 30 years later (what?!) talking about their pieces in my house. Specifically, I’m talking about the six changes I’m making in the new year to bring peace and joy. And guess what, I’ve already done that by now.

Another favorite memory was walking into a MacKenzie-Childs store in New York City while visiting to interview for a job during graduate school. I was blown away by the grandeur of the check. I just love the quirky take on the traditional chessboard, and Maximum touched my heart.

What I love about them Royal Check Collection It is that it can go with so many things and so many different styles. In fact, I was worried that I might have too many pieces in my house. But who am I to argue with maximum, perfectly placed decoration?! not me! One piece is amazing, and if you’re a collector, think of all the fun that multiple pieces will bring.

Well, here are some things I aim to do this year to bring more peace and joy into my home.

6 New Year’s Resolutions to Bring Peace and Joy

1. Keep fresh flowers in my home at all times

Fresh flowers make things a little happier and dare I say…fancier?! (And if I’m not, at least I can pretend like I am!) I went with them Great vase, which has a beautiful opening to hold a large group of flowers. I gathered some white hydrangeas for her and loved the way they spread out perfectly. And if you’re curious, I first got three packages from Trader Joe’s and realized they needed to be doubled. 6 bunches it is!

2. More tea breaks

Paul is obsessed with tea. In fact, he has been collecting teas from all over the world for years. He’s always making tea, but I never give myself that time. I went with them 3 liter tea kettle Which features a delightful wooden handle and glass lid because extra is always better. I’m thinking of keeping a batch of tea with me on my desk so I remember to do so! With this adorable witch tea kettle, I can do this several times a day!

3. Print more photos!

There’s an exclamation mark at the end for good reason. There are currently 47,417 photos trapped in my phone…I want to print more of my family and put them in frames like this gorgeous frame. I have 4×6″ In royal check and I’m excited to have something to greet guests at the door with a couple of crazy people.

4. Read more together

We mostly read every night with the kids, but sometimes it gets rushed. Nice lamp like this Desk lamp from Royal Check It might give me the motivation to get comfortable! (It’s on sale!)

5. I put on my makeup

I usually look like a troll at school – waking up 5 minutes earlier to look more presentable might do the trick! I never had Vanity mirror But now I realize how useful it is! I also felt concerned about how much I hadn’t blended the powder before and tweezed my brows. Ha!

6. Welcoming more guests into the house

I have a hard time bringing people into my home when there are so many things I find unappealing, but I want to change that this year! this Sisal welcome rug Comfortable and attractive. It is surprisingly soft and comfortable to walk on. Very excited to get rid of our ten year old precedent and long overdue change.

I added a few extra items to our kitchen because I couldn’t help myself. they Royal Check Tool Holder It added in a magic I never knew a pot holder could provide. And a Rest spoonwhich I’ve never had before and I’m so excited the spoons will now have a proper place to rest.

I’d love to hear what changes (if any!) you’re making in your year that will hopefully bring more comfort, peace, and joy, whatever your goals. Are you a decision person? I’d love to hear that! Please share in the comments!

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Royal Chic Collection by Mackenzie Childs: flower vase | Tea kettle | framework | Vanity mirror | Hi Matt | Desk lamp | Utensil holder | Rest spoon

This post is sponsored by MacKenzie-Childs.


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