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50+ Unique Two Syllable Baby Names

Unique two-syllable baby names

Two-syllable nouns are one of the most common types of nouns. In this list of 50+ two-syllable baby names, there are some familiar favorites like Cedar, Arlo, Hugo, Gwyneth, and Esther.

You can also find some very fun and original things like Cosmo, Radly and Hendry which can be really great choices for your new bundle of joy!

As always, I wanted this list of baby names to be unique, uncommon, and meaningful. Although many traditional names are making a comeback, if you’re looking for something a little less common, we hope you’ll find something here that resonates with you!

Short two-syllable baby names

Short two-syllable baby names

These baby names are short and sweet! Some are inspired by popular culture, Disney, literature and nature. No matter what you like, you might like one of these short, two-syllable names for your baby.

Long children’s names consisting of two syllables

Long children's names consisting of two syllables

These names are a little longer but unique and easy to pronounce! Old fashioned names mixed with more modern and uncommon names can be used for either a boy or a girl.

More baby name ideas

The fun thing about this list of two-syllable girls’ names and two-syllable boys’ names is that they don’t have to be used only as first names. Instead, try using one of these names as a middle name combined with a longer first name.

Two-syllable names, although a little shorter or longer, still have personality and meaning and are a lot of fun! Any of these names are sure to stand out no matter which one you choose!


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