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50+ Spring Nail Designs – A Beautiful Mess

Spring is here and it’s time to let your nails have all the fun! Whether you love a simple look or want to do something a little more trendy (like gel, chrome, or velvet nails), we’ve got plenty of spring nail design ideas to keep your manicure looking fresh all season long.

There are so many ways to add some spring inspiration to your nail game, like subtle glitter, floral designs and pastel nails, and you can request your favorite gel do-it-yourself idea at your local salon or find the perfect press-on nail. Do it yourself at home.

And if you love trendy twists on the look, like a French mani and rainbow nails, we’ll show you our favorite ways to add a spring touch to all the current trends.

Looking for more nail ideas? paying off:

Spring nails with purple tips and chrysanthemums

At Home Spring Manicures Vs. Salon nails:

While you can now do a lot of manicure looks at home Gel manicure setsIt can be a little intimidating for some who are not consistent with using their hands or generally prefer the pampering experience at their local nail salon.

Although gel nail polish generally lasts longer than traditional polish (usually 2-3 weeks for gel nail polish), there are Traditional Polish brands that pride themselves on wearing their products for several weeks And you won’t have a longer gel removal process at home if you choose to remove your own nail polish.

Some more complex techniques e.g Chrom or Magnetic coating It may also be a little easier in the hands of professionals, but if you have a gel nail kit at home, it’s fun to try and perfect.

Of course doing Press the nail It’s the easiest way to create your perfect spring look at home yourself, so there’s no shame in finding your favorite look and getting your nail glue on.

Daisy Dukes

these 3D flowers Added to a pink ombre base it’s exactly what you need to leave the winter blues behind.

Bright side

Add some sun to your spring days with this cheerful yellow design.

Barbie pink french nails for spring

French Barbie

Adopt Barbie’s chrome pink French look.

Spring easter nails in blue

Sky blue daisies

This sky-blue mani features cute chamomile flowers and chrome-plated nails.

Smiley face nails for spring
Spring pink nails

Botanical babe

Add some flowers and greenery using nail art or These nail stickers When I’m at home.

Wavy blue nails and spring squares

Wavy chessboard

Get into the choppy trend with this wavy design.

Pastel purple nails with pastel glitter for spring and Easter

Pastel confetti

Celebrate spring with Pastel sweets Over the top in your favorite spring pastel color.

Spring pastel mint flower nails
Spring butterfly nails
Easter bunny nail design

Peek at Boo the Bunny

Nothing says spring like cute little bunnies on your nails.

Spring Barbie

Try the hot trend of the reverse optical illusion of a pink and purple French manicure perfect for spring.

Bee flower nails for spring

be yourself

Bees are excited for spring with these beautiful pollinators.

Easter bunny tail spring nails

Bunny tails

Hop into spring with these cute pearl bunny tail nails!

Sorbet tie-dye

Remind yourself of a springtime sunrise with this pastel color palette.

Strawberry spring nails

Strawberry patch

He wears these To your strawberry patch and the berries won’t be the only thing that looks fresh.

Purple Easter Spring Yin Yang Nails

Pastel yin yang

This yin yang design in purple and pink is fun for spring through summer.

Wavy rainbow nails spring manicure
Blue and green nails for spring

Color blocked tips

Color your French tip nails with your favorite spring mint and green colors for a fresh look.

Smiley face spring nails

Happy nails

These nails Have a good time when you make every nail special!

Spring star shaped nails


You are a star

Add some stars and sparkly French tips to your nails for a fun, simple look.

Purple jelly nails with spring rhinestone

Grape Gemstones

These pastel purple gel nails look so cute with a rhinestone accent.

Sweet swirl

Try a sheer, nude shade with a simple linear swirl for a simple style.

Cat’s eye green grass

Say hello to all the growing grass with a green cat-eye effect.

Spring yellow easter nails

Sunny Dazed

These happy yellow-tipped nails will bring the sunshine.

Glittery pink jelly nails for spring

Pink Jelly Sparkle

These petal pink gel nails have just the right amount of sparkle to be fun but not too much.

Easter spring mint green wave nails

Minty Waves

These mint colored waves will match all the new buds that appear in your garden.

Pink hologram

Take advantage of the spring sunshine and show off your hologram manicure in light pink.

Spring and easter bunny flower nails

Mint and gold

Try a mint green base with a gold and green side accent.

Spring pink and purple half moon nails

Purple half moons

These contrasting shades of purple make the half moon look like a pastel dream.

French pastel tips

To add a little color without going too crazy, try these rainbow pastel French tips!

Glazed french spring nails

Glazed French tips

A classic twist on the polished French look, fresh and light for spring.

Purple spring nails
Spring nails pink butterfly manicure

gum butterfly

This bright color is just right for spring with some 3D golden butterflies Added for a little extra fun.

Neon yellow spring nails with french tip
Spring pink nails

Chrome Petal Power

Join the chrome trend with your favorite pink shade.

Sweet and precise

The light pink flowers on a shiny white background are light and beautiful for spring.

Spring nail manicure ideas mint green

I accepted the star

Try these blush centers decorated with gold stars.

Spring daisy and cat's eye nails

Pink petals

Add a petal design to your favorite spring color.

Green velvet

Get a green, velvety appearance to match the new leaves emerging outside.


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