5 Tips For Styling Dining Room Hutch Decor


I recently finished a new project and wanted to give you guys a sneak peek! In addition, I will share with you some tips for designing your dining room decor.

Our dining room has been a slow remodel. First, there was the wallpaper. Then new carpet. Then, I painted the milk buffet. Oh yeah, and a bunch of new light bulbs.

Even though I added a new sideboard with an antique mirror – this wall just wasn’t speaking to me or bringing me happiness.

Then I came up with the idea of ​​building a long pine igloo to put on top of the sideboard. I could paint it to match the sideboard and you’d never know it wasn’t a complete set! And so…Tada…I present to you this new cage made of pine wood.

Cottage dining room decor ideas

You can see what he creates on Instagram.

5 tips for dining room decor

1. Divide your shelves visually first.

Dining room cottage

An easy way to design shelves is to first divide the shelves in half or thirds. You can do this in your head, or use painters tape to create a gap. Next, design small vignettes in each of these divided spaces, leaving a little space between each vignette for the eye to rest.

2. Layer your stuff.

Close-up view of the black-painted dining room hut

Nothing should fall in one straight line. The items should be of different sizes and graduated so that the eye can move across the shelves effortlessly. Also, some things should take up a good amount of height in the shelves, which means there shouldn’t be a lot of empty shelf space above them. A common mistake I see is using too many small things. It is better to use a larger and medium size And Small and varied across shelves.

You also need to step back and look at the shelves at the top and bottom – don’t repeat the same type of vignette at the top or bottom – make it varied. This is also where stacks come in handy, which leads me to my next tip.

3. Stacks are your friend.

Dessert plates on the dining room

A pile of books. A stack of paintings. A pile of dishes. Pile, pile, pile. When you need height and don’t have a large vase or something to fill the space – use stacks to your advantage. Stack a tall group of bowls next to a smaller group of stacked bowls, etc. Place one bowl on top of a small stack of books. Place a collection of beautiful glassware on top of a wooden base.

Keep the eye moving with interesting objects and varying heights.

4. Keep the colors consistent.

Close-up view of the dining hut

We want our cage to look like one cohesive piece. The way to do this is to repeat the same colors throughout the cage. Whatever color he is most drawn to and enjoys (for me, it’s whiteware and wood objects) – repeat, repeat, repeat.

5. Add seasonal items last.

Close-up view of the black-painted dining room hut

First, design your cage decor so that it is functional and suits you. Layer in seasonal decor last. I have a wooden dough bowl that can be filled with seasonal items and some vases that I can put in a seasonal stem or two for a pop of color. Now, I have this design for fall with pine cones and beautiful fall stems.

Cage decor ideas

If you’re starting from scratch, here are some good decor ideas to display in the cage. Remember – shop your home first!

  • books
  • Pedestals and cake stands
  • Glassware
  • Jugs
  • Sets of vases
  • Baskets
  • An interesting lamp or battery operated candles for a warm glow
  • Enclosure sets
  • Glasses
  • Taper candle holder set
  • Dough bowls
  • Stacks of plates and bowls
  • Large plates or interesting dishes that you can lean on the back.
  • Mortar and pestle set
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Framed artwork
Dessert dishes on the dining room
Dining room cottage
Close-up view of the black-painted dining room hut
Black painted dining room with wooden table in front

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