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5 Cool DIY Pergola Ideas To Try

Are you tired of your boring backyard? Let me paint the picture: just one lawn and tree, or maybe a little concrete patio? Now let’s spice up that backyard! These five amazing DIY pergola ideas are sure to elevate your backyard.

We have three complete DIY projects linked below, with available building plans that you can follow. If you’re not interested in a full-fledged building project, try a kit or skip the construction part altogether and get a comfortable backyard lounging spot that looks just like a pergola. Get ready to transform your outdoor living space with these creative ideas!

Why should you add a pergola to your backyard?

In a plain old backyard, a pergola helps divide and define the space. instead of one big void canvas Courtyard Now you have an outdoor oasis to hang out in, plus a yard to play and run around. It didn’t increase the space, but it would feel that way with more separate areas.

Is building your own pergola cheaper?

The answer is yes and no. It depends on the quality of the products you use. Supermarkets like Sams Club and Costco have great prefabricated options, but the wood is very thin and is often put together without full-length beams. But it is an affordable option.

If you compare that to buying lumber of correct dimensions and stock of tools (Depending on what you have to start with), the DIY version will be more expensive. However, it can be tailored to seamlessly fit your needs. Plus, it will likely last longer, and as a bonus, you’ll have more tools for your next do-it-yourself project.

DIY pergola ideas Better Homes & Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens – Emily Followhill

Features to consider when choosing a pergola:

  • Provides shade: fabric blinds, privacy screens, trellis profiles, wooden slatsA net or a full roof can be added to your pergola to provide shade in a sweltering yard.
  • Adds architectural interestThe pergola is the focal point of your garden. Think of the columns in ancient Greece; It wouldn’t be so interesting without them.
  • Ground and define the seating areaCreate an outdoor room separate from other outdoor areas.
  • A great place to quickly add greenery from plant hangers, vines and climbersThese plants can be annuals, perennials, or plants that move indoors and outdoors with the seasons of the year. This approach is useful in new developments where trees take some time to grow.
  • Great construction for adding a privacy screenIf neighbors are close and yards are small, pergolas can provide a nice, secluded retreat in your backyard.

DIY pergola ideas

DIY pergola ideas - UK Homes and Gardens
House and Garden UK

1. Fire pit pergola with hammocks

When you think of summer, does that include lounging by the fire roasting marshmallows to create amazing scents? If you are lucky enough to have some space in the yard, consider building this amazing building DIY fire pit pergola with hammocks; You will find step by step instructions at the link.

This octagonal pergola is beautiful and a perfect place to hang out in the spring, summer, or fall because in the center is an inviting fire pit to keep you warm. Turn on some twinkling lights for the perfect summertime ambiance and watch a movie outdoors; You may never need to leave your home.

2. DIY Mini Modern Deck Pergola

A modern pergola might be ideal if you want to add a modern touch to your outdoor space. These structures are typically characterized by clean lines and minimum design elements. This modern pergola has an open feel, allowing plenty of natural light and ventilation.

Sometimes a simple structural pergola is exactly what you need to define the different spaces and uses of your garden. This division of space makes your area feel more interesting. Different uses and designs in each space help you get more out of every area.

This modern pergola It sits in a shady spot in our garden, so although it doesn’t provide shade, it provides an architectural feature to brighten up the space. It also creates a beautiful atmosphere. It is there to delimit the area and help create room on your deck.

3. Traditional-style wooden pergola

If you want to add shade to your deck and love the traditional pergola design style, this might be it DIY traditional pergola plan It will help you create the space you’ve always wanted.

DIY pergola ideas - first dibs
Giannetti – first dibs

The details of this pergola make it beautiful – the detailed tail pattern is cut out on the top beams, and the drapes are hung for added interest.

As a bonus, this particular plan provides shade through the lattice roof. While this pergola looks great on a deck, it would also work well in the corner of a patio.

4. Metal pergola with shade canopy

Do you want a pergola but don’t feel like building it from scratch? Many great options are available as a kit that you can purchase and have them delivered to your home Amazon.

DIY Pergola Ideas - Jenny Cain
Jenny Cain

If your budget allows, you can even find a local builder or handyman to set it up for you.

Using a metal frame will save you time in maintenance, as metal requires less maintenance than wood. Consider the climate and materials that work best for your location when choosing your structure.

5. Pergola Light Series

Believe it or not, you can create the feeling of a pergola with almost no actual building involved. The main one is the string lights. These cozy string lights add an extra touch of warmth and intimacy to your garden. Quickly create the look of a pergola with a set of light-duty bucket string poles.

DIY pergola ideas - really simple
Real Simple – Alicia Lund


  1. Get a nice bucket – think a large planter (but you can always use a 5-gallon bucket if that’s what you have on hand).
  2. On the top of a 4″ x 4″ x 8″ or a 2″ x 2″ x 8″, thread 2 hooks on adjacent sides.
  3. Place the board vertically, in the middle of the bucket (with the hooks at the top of the board, about 8 feet above). Use a piece or two of scrap wood to hold the board vertically in place. Place it on top of the bucket, then screw it to the pole (temporarily) to secure it level while you are setting the beam into the concrete.
  4. Fill the bucket with the mixed concrete, with the wooden beam in the middle, and let it sit for at least 24 hours. Once the concrete has dried, you can remove the temporary scrap lumber that is holding the beam level. The wood beam becomes a pole to hold the string lights.
  5. To create your own ‘pergola’, install 3-4 light poles in the corners of the space you are creating. The hooks at the top of the posts are there to hang the string lights.

Then you will create the feeling of a pergola without the hassle of building!

In conclusion, creating a DIY pergola doesn’t have to be difficult nor does it have to be boring. With a little creativity and some funky materials, you can turn your outdoor space into a unique and stunning oasis.

From incorporating string lights to opting for a modern design, these ideas will up your backyard game. So why wait? Start building your dream pergola today and enjoy the benefits of your new outdoor sanctuary.

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