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4 tips for keeping the holidays festive yet simple

I’ve inherited, embarrassingly at times, the gene that requires me to do my best on every holiday, whether it’s important or not. This gene has had to take a back seat in recent years since I became a mother of two active boys (I swear they will be the death of me). I know many of you are participating in this hectic phase of life. This holiday season has definitely been one of those times. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about nOra Fleming. Have you heard of them? They make beautiful white stoneware with interchangeable small pieces that you can swap out for all of life’s celebrations and holidays. So, today I’m sharing with you 4 tips to keep the holidays festive and simple.


I’ve been doing holiday decorating for as long as I can remember and honestly, my heart sank when I realized that as a mom it was nearly impossible for me to do everything I wanted. Well, I’m all about finding meaningful and simple ways to celebrate, which is why Nora Fleming really spoke to me. As I was learning about their beautiful products, I noticed how clean and simple the shapes and patterns of stoneware are and how they come in a myriad of options – plates, bowls, bowls, you name it. Neutral pieces are a great way to group basic pieces, like a small dresser, but for the table. I’m always looking for fun pieces because there’s always something to celebrate!


Now, this is where you get to have fun. Once you have the main stone pieces, it’s time to decorate them with smaller pieces. They are made of stoneware and come in a cheerful range of themes – New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Birthday. It is the mature version of the charm bracelet. You can collect one or two here and there to grow your collection. So far, I’ve chosen a bottle of champagne for the New Year, a beautiful Christmas gift, a Christmas tree, a love letter, and a heart.

Tips for a simple but festive holiday

With the onslaught of celebrations at the moment, I got a little ahead of the game and created three tables. One for Christmas, one for New Year’s, and one for Valentine’s Day. Using stoneware potter Nora Fleming, let me share with you some ways to make everything festive and simple.

  1. Easy access-At the Christmas table, I focused on things I could easily find at the grocery store. I feel like poinsettias are often viewed as outdated, but I found some beautiful, faded ones at Trader Joe’s that match the colors of my Christmas tablecloth perfectly. Instead of leaving them in the aluminum foil wrapper, I cut them up, placed them in individual vases, and spread them out on the table.
    1. Tip: My mom told me there’s a trick to keep her alive longer, which is to burn off the limbs. I haven’t had a chance to try it, but now I’m curious!
  2. Use items around you. For all three spreads, I found some branches, one of my favorite cheap tricks, and placed some simple shapes I cut out of paper as decorations. Like Nora Fleming’s concept, this is something you can use for every holiday.
  3. Repurpose items. The ornaments I hung on the Christmas branch are the ornaments I used on my Christmas tree. Two birds with one stone!
  4. Tableware that suits all holidays. I’ll add Nora Fleming, she deserves her own place in the class. With the main stoneware pieces and smaller pieces on top, it’s a great way to prepare for all of life’s big (and small!) events.

Honestly, I’m too excited for anything cool and time-saving to find me staring at my new collection anticipating the upcoming New Year’s Eve evening. I’d love to hear your time-saving tips. Add them in the comments!

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