4 Engaging Hispanic Heritage Month Activities for the Team


Are you ready to celebrate a month of fun and learning? Here we’ll help you discover, grow and boost your team’s morale while exploring Hispanic Heritage!

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

A banner inspired by Hispanic elements.  Patterns, with Hispanic people

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 to October 15. In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson signed into law Hispanic Heritage Week. Then, around 1988, President Ronald Reagan expanded it to a month-long celebration. Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15 as it is considered the Independence Day of 5 Spanish-speaking countries, namely El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Today, we participate in this month-long celebration of Hispanic culture by enjoying festivals, concerts, parades and more! But how can we participate in this colorful celebration online? Here are 4 engaging Hispanic Heritage Month activities the whole team can enjoy, even in a remote or virtual setting:

1. Have a virtual lunch

Kit by Hot Sauce, a virtual cooking class with dried Mexican peppers like jalapeño and costeno peppers.  Homemade syrup.  Mixed nuts and peas, garlic, chili powder, a bowl with hot sauce on a laptop, a recipe card, and a spatula showing under a towel

One of the most popular, fun and fulfilling ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month is to have a virtual lunch centered around traditional Hispanic food! You can host a light cooking class with your colleagues Food Craft Hot Sauce Making Kit Featuring high-quality Mexican chili peppers to give your team an authentic and truly memorable experience!

For starters, pick the team favorite, tacos or chilaquiles! What better way to celebrate this historic month with new learning and a full stomach?

2. Have a virtual book club

After feeding your body, it’s time to feed your brain – start a Hispanic Heritage Month virtual book club! What could be more engaging than each team member enjoying the creative work of Hispanic writers?

You can vote on a book you’d all like to read or have each team member get one Customized surprise kit With a “mystery book” they must finish within the month. Then, to wrap up Hispanic Heritage Month, you can all have a video call and discuss what you’ve learned. We’ve got a list of best sellers Hispanic-inspired books Genres range from romance and horror to non-fiction.

Here are some discussion prompts:

  • What did you learn while reading this book?

  • What stuck with you the most?

  • What message did the author want to convey?

3. Get clever!

A screenshot photo of the Food Craft Team's kits next to a ceramic llama painting sample

You can host an artist-led class as a new unique experience Paint and greet the llama Including a DIY kit for adults ready for each team member. This is a beginner-friendly experience where your group will learn easy painting techniques on a ceramic llama figurine, virtually meet majestic llamas from South America, and live in a native North Texas llama castle called ShangriLlama! You might even be surprised at how much you can learn about Hispanic culture by diving into it!

4. It’s time for a happy hour!

Five types of tiki cocktails

Finally, the cap is yours Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month With a good Hispanic cocktail! Make your drink together and virtual “cheers” as you celebrate a successful Hispanic Heritage Month. Want to spice it up a bit? You can have a weekly virtual happy hour and try different refreshing recipes!

Tips for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at work

A group of Hispanic people posing for a photo

1. Motivation is key

Hype the celebration and offer as much support as possible, but if a team member shows they don’t want to be involved, don’t push them too hard. Some people aren’t comfortable attending celebrations “out of consent”, you want to create an environment where anyone joining is doing so of their own free will.

2. Plan multiple activities

Since this is a month-long celebration, you should have multiple activities for your group. You can ask each team member for ideas on how they want to celebrate, ideas, and what the whole team wants to try.

You can also opt for the help of virtual event planners Kit by Food CraftWho can create custom kits on demand, virtual and in person (New York and Dallas) experience for the whole team!

3. Be sensitive

You may be excited and happy that you are pushing your Hispanic employees or team members to participate more than other team members. Remember that celebrations are meant to be fun and real and not just something to do because it’s “ideal.”

Also, avoid stereotypes or jokes that may be more divisive than unifying. Focus on learning as this will serve as a good opportunity to bridge any cultural gaps and promote unity in diversity.

Que Es Eso?

American stamp with Hispanic people

What is the theme of Hispanic Heritage Month 2022?

Theme for this 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month celebration “UNIDOS: Inclusion for a Stronger Nation.” Eli Soares, supervisory accountant for the Farm Credit Administration, submitted this theme.

How does social media celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

You can post with like hashtag #HispanicHeritageMonth, #HispanicHeritageMonth2022, #latex, #LatinaAnd #Latino To reach the right audience. It’s also a good way to connect with people who are actively celebrating this event!

How do you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at home?

You can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at home by trying some of the engaging group activities we’ve shared above!

No adiós just ¡hasta fast!

Hispanic Heritage Month is right around the corner! Make sure to share this rich culture with your team members or employees by hosting virtual or in-person team-building activities that engage, teach and bring your colleagues closer together, even in the comfort of their homes.

Kit by Food Craft Prepare to take you and your team on a new experience by creating fun team-building activities that meet your specifications, ensuring everyone has a good time! Our mission is to promote, celebrate and share your and the world’s rich cultural and heritage heritage through our food, drink and craft experiences. buy now, Contact us for a quote, and book your next celebration with us! See you soon!


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