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35+ Coffee Recipes – A Beautiful Mess

I love coffee and espresso drinks! And while I certainly love ordering at my favorite coffee shop when I’m out and about or traveling, most of the time I’m working or spending time at home. So, being able to make all of my favorite coffee recipes at home is a priority for me.

In this post, we’ve rounded up our best coffee recipes, which include different ways to make great coffee at home, almost every espresso drink you can think of, plus plenty of Starbucks copycat recipes and seasonal drinks, too.

Related: In many of these posts, we mention the coffee makers or tools we use. But one of the best investments I’ve ever made (as we use it almost daily and have been using it for over a year now) is Our favorite home espresso maker. They are easy to use and clean and we use the same whole beans to make coffee as espresso.

How to prepare coffee in Chemex

Tips for making the best coffee using a Chemex machine, sometimes called pour over coffee.

How to prepare coffee in the Aeropress

Tips for making the best coffee in your Aeropress, which is great for single cups or while traveling.

Red eye coffee

Need a caffeine boost? Red Eye Coffee is here for you.

How to make cold coffee

Step-by-step instructions for preparing cold coffee at home.

Espresso martini

Make the famous Espresso Martini with just three ingredients.

Brave coffee

Like a rich little latte, a breve is a great indulgence.

Whipped coffee (dalgona).

How to make whipped coffee with three ingredients.

Iced mocha

The cold (iced) version of the classic mocha – perfect for warm weather times.

How to make affogato

Italian dessert with espresso and ice cream.

Latte recipe

How to make a classic latte at home without fancy barista skills.

Mocha frappe

A cold blended coffee drink, such as a coffee and chocolate milkshake.

Mexican coffee

A Starbucks knockoff of spicy Mexican coffee and delicious chocolate!

Iced tea latte

Hot black tea mixed with milk over ice, although not technically coffee or espresso, is a must!

Homemade Frappuccino

A cold blended coffee drink anyone will love! Learn how to make your Starbucks favorite at home.

Chai latte

Black tea mixed with spices and warm milk is a truly comforting drink.

How to make French press coffee

How to brew the perfect cup of French press coffee.

Pompon Vegetarian Café

Sometimes called “Cuban coffee,” it is essentially a dessert coffee that is very popular in Spain.

How to make cappuccino

An easy cappuccino recipe that anyone can prepare at home.

Iced latte

Learn how to make the best iced latte at home – the perfect warm-weather treat.


This drink is an espresso coffee featuring a small milk foam – a classic Italian macchiato.

Coffee soda

Learn how to prepare a refreshing, fizzy coffee drink at home!

Coffee juice

Make delicious coffee smoothie in just five minutes.


How to make a classic Italian cortado like a pro.

Café au lait

Learn how to make a classic French press coffee drink.

Irish coffee

The most classic caffeinated cocktail, perfect for the holidays or a glass of wine in the winter.

How to make a mocha

Learn how to make one of my favorite drinks – a chocolate latte, also called a mocha.

Café con leche

This beloved Spanish drink seamlessly blends the bold flavors of coffee with the creamy smoothness of milk.


Classic espresso and hot water drink that comes from Italy.

Flat white

This classic coffee drink, which was invented in Australia, is very easy to prepare and requires just two ingredients.

Caramel macchiato

This is Starbucks’ knock-off version of a caramel macchiato.

Apple Crisp Macchiato

This latte macchiato tastes like apples and cinnamon and is perfect for fall.

Cold drink with pumpkin cream

How to prepare your favorite Starbucks drink at home.

Latte coffee with pumpkin scent

Learn how to prepare the famous hot seasonal espresso drink at home.

Gingerbread latte

This drink combines the bold flavors of gingerbread cookies with latte cream and is a great holiday treat.

Mint mocha

Even though this is an espresso based drink, it tastes like mint hot chocolate with whipped cream when I make it at home. happy vacation!

Egg latte

Rich, creamy lattes made with eggnog, including our homemade eggnog recipe.


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