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30+ Easy Halloween Costumes for Teachers

Easy DIY costume ideas for teachers

This roundup contains over 30 colorful and creative Halloween costumes for teachers. If you are a preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten teacher specifically, I think these costumes would be especially perfect for you because they feature characters and themes that are very familiar to your students!

Some of these ideas can be great for individuals or can be created to suit smaller or larger groups. I also love the idea of ​​using some of them in family costumes if you’re from a family of teachers or just love learning!

Many of these outfits are created using dresses, but they can easily be recreated with t-shirts as a more budget-friendly or school-appropriate option!

DIY solar system costume

DIY space family costume

Science teachers, unite! This DIY solar powered shirt will be a fun outfit for you! And if you have a school friend who wants to get in on the action, you can easily make a t-shirt version of my rocket dress too!

DIY fruit fashion

DIY fruit fashion

We have a lot of fruit costume tutorials, and it’s the best group costume for teachers because it’s simple and fun. Everyone knows exactly who you are and each one of them can be made using a t-shirt and some simple craft supplies like felt!

Image via DIY Studio

Fashion DIY school supplies

DIY school supplies family costume

I mean, sometimes you just have to go with the classics and embrace the school supplies fashion theme, it’s the perfect teacher outfit idea!

I’ve shared tutorials for a pencil, notebook paper, and eraser (you can recreate this for adults with a pink shirt or pink dress!) but you could easily add some crayons and a marble notebook (just paint a black shirt!) if your collection includes more Of people!

DIY school lunch costumes

DIY school lunch costumes

Here’s another costume idea for a group of teachers. This juice box costume is one of our all-time favorites! This idea would be perfect with a whole host of other lunch inspired costumes like a PB&J costume, an apple costume, and a cookie costume for a set of teachers. You can also make different flavors of juice by just using different colors of shirts!

DIY cactus costume

DIY cactus costume

All you need is some thread and a green shirt or dress to create this cactus costume! It’s perfect for standing alone, or you can find a variety of shades of green and create complete team cactus costumes!

DIY pizza slice costume

DIY pizza slice costume

if He wears A cardboard pizza slice costume isn’t practical, take the idea and make it on a yellow t-shirt! Paint a brown (veneer) and red (sauce) stripe around the bottom and then add a layer of felt or paint!

Each teacher can decorate their plate with their favorite pizza topping, and I think it would be very funny to have the assignment/worksheet for the day in the pizza box that you have to distribute to the kids from there. (Do people still hand out worksheets or is it all digital? Am I too old?)

DIY weather fashion

DIY family weather costume

Be a ray of sunshine with this easy to use sun costume headpiece!!! Some other cute costume ideas that can be combined with a whole weather set: raindrops on a blue t-shirt, lighting bolts on a black t-shirt and cotton balls on a blue or gray t-shirt for a snowy sky! Maybe even a rainbow painted tee too!?

Disney Inside Out DIY Collection Costume

Halloween costume for teachers

If you’re a fan of the Disney movie InsideOut, dress up as one of your favorite characters from the movie. These characters are fun, whimsical, and easy to recreate using a colorful wig and pieces from your own closet! It’s also the perfect Halloween costume for group teachers!

Image via Bessie Moore

DIY Frosted Animal Cookies

This frosted cookie costume can be created with a simple trip to the craft store. Grab a shirt or dress and pom poms, plus a quick felt headband and BOOM! I love the idea of ​​doing this as a group Halloween costume for teachers with different animal ears. This is very simple and can easily be put together at the last minute.

DIY Duck Tape Playing Card Costume

Duck stripe shirt costume for playing cards.

A t-shirt outfit is always a great choice for a teacher outfit. Turn a white shirt into a playing card! Group four teachers together to make one from each deck, or more to make a full set of cards or one complete deck!

Image via Duck Brand

DIY palm tree costume

DIY palm tree + beach ball costumes

Live somewhere warm? Dress up as a palm tree costume to bring the tropics to your school instantly! You can wear any tan/khaki/beige outfit for this because all you need is a palm hood to complete it!

DIY Andy Warhol costume art

Andy Warhol Halloween Collection Costume Ideas

Andy Warhol’s classic Campbell’s Soup Sandwich Board is the perfect costume for an art teacher’s Halloween collection! The silver paper panels make up the hat and I love the colorful wigs and Converse shoes!

Image via The House That Lars Built

DIY hot dog, ketchup + mustard costume

DIY hot dog costume

This hot dog, ketchup and mustard costume is perfect for three teachers! This is another outfit that can be easily made using t-shirts or monochromatic clothing.

Go even further with this costume idea and add more summer/carnival/theme park food like burgers, cotton candy and popcorn!

DIY popcorn costume

DIY popcorn costume

I don’t know why but this DIY popcorn costume is a fun teacher costume idea! While the red and white stripes are so fun for a popcorn costume, you can also wear any type of red pants or skirt as the bottom! The shirt is made of paint and crumbled paper only!!! a result!!

Disney princess costume set

You can’t go wrong with a Disney Princess themed group costume!

For Snow White: Wear a blue jacket with a yellow skirt and red shoes for Snow White. Don’t forget the red apple!

Image via Color Me Courtney

For the beautiful woman: Add a white apron over a blue dress and carry a stack of books!

Image via Merricks Art

For Cinderella: Pair a blue tutu or skirt with a black shirt, headband, and necklace.

For Tiana: Wear a yellow dress with a green jacket and hat!

Image via Brittany Noel Fitness

Any Disney princess or heroine can work so you can get as many coworkers together as you want!

DIY Where’s Waldo costume

Where's the teacher's Waldo costume for Halloween?

How much fun would it be to have a bunch of Waldos running around the school? Anyone wearing jeans or a denim skirt and a red striped shirt can join in on this outfit idea!

Photo via Beautiful indeed

DIY soda bottle fashion

DIY soda bottle fashion

If you’re the coolest teacher ever, this soda bottle costume is perfect for you. Bottle cap caps are made with just a pie tin and a scale! Grab a set of colorful t-shirts, some scissors and felt and you can make amazing sodas and lemonades!

DIY Mrs. Frizzle costume

MS Frizzle Halloween Costume

We couldn’t do a post about Halloween costumes for teachers without featuring everyone’s favorite science teacher! Make this science dress by ironing moon, star and planet patches onto a blue dress. If you’d rather have a t-shirt, use that instead!

Image via Crazy People in the East

DIY flamingo costume

DIY flamingo and cactus costume for mommy and me

For this idea, I chose a grass flamingo costume, but you can swap out the leotard and leggings for a pink dress or t-shirt, and add a baseball cap beak and tail to any pink costume to make it a flamingo! Your colleagues can adapt the idea to all different birds too, to create a suitable flock!

DIY Crayon Costume (Adult Version)

Halloween costume ideas to color

A great way to make this crayon outfit more grown-up is to wear a colorful dress, tuxedo, or t-shirt with matching leggings or pants. The tutorial below shows you how to make a crayon hat top and leg fringe. Instead of ribbon, you can tape the hat to the headband.

Image via The House That Lars Built

DIY picnic costume

Halloween picnic costume for teachers.

Image via Damascene Love

DIY sports uniform

Sports league halloween costume

to hit!

This DIY gym uniform is perfect for gym teachers! If you don’t want to make your own costume, this is a great opportunity to wear your regular school uniform or grab your favorite sports team’s jersey from your closet instead!

Image via Camille Styles

DIY Mary Poppins Costume

Mary Poppins Halloween costume for teachers

I love how easy it is to create a Mary Poppins costume. Any white shirt will fit over the top and a red hair ribbon can be used for the collar. Pair it with a thick pair of socks (perfect if you live somewhere cold) and then finish with an umbrella and duffle bag or backpack! You can decorate a bowler or wide-brimmed hat with faux flowers glued to the sides for a fun DIY project to complete the look!

Image via Merricks Art

A collection of teacher Halloween costumes

More Roundup costume ideas

I hope these Halloween costume ideas for teachers help you choose what to wear to your school this year! They are fun, unique and sure to be a hit at your next costume party!

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