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3 Simple Tips For Creating A Cohesive Gallery Wall

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Hello all! So, you’re ready to spruce up that bare wall but aren’t sure where to start? Gallery walls are a great way to show your style and make a statement without spending a lot of money.

Here are three foolproof tips to help you create a Pinterest-worthy gallery wall in no time. Grab your art pieces, some frames, and let’s get to it!

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1.Put it on the ground first

Before you start hammering, let’s slow it down and get everything on the ground. This step is like a rehearsal for your wall. It’s your chance to see how all the different elements look together.

A gallery wall of travel photos hangs in the foyer
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Mix and match your pieces, mix and play with different layouts until you find the perfect arrangement. Got a big, bold piece? Not only will this save your walls from unnecessary holes, but it will also save you from a potential planning disaster. (I like to hang my pieces in it Command strips.)

2. Stick to tires of the same width

Here’s a very easy trick! Keep all your tires the same width. This can bring your gallery wall together. It adds a clean, cohesive look that can transform a chaotic mix into a harmonious display. Whether you want sleek black frames or something more rustic, sticking to the same width helps create a sense of unity.

A closer look at the travel gallery wall
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In this gallery wall I created, I used it 12×16, 12×18 and 12×12 inch frames. Using the same widths creates a cohesive look, but differences in length create interest and movement.

Now, you don’t have to match colors or patterns unless you want to, but keeping that consistent dimension can be the trick that ties everything together.

3. Space tires 2-3 inches apart

Spacing is key! Keeping the frames 2-3 inches apart gives each piece enough room to breathe while maintaining a communal atmosphere. Too close and your wall may look cluttered; Too far apart, and they may appear disjointed.

A distant view of a gallery wall in the hallway
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Grab a Measuring tape Give it a try. This little breathing room also allows each piece of art to stand out on its own while contributing to the whole collection.


Here he is! Three simple steps to create a gallery wall that is sure to liven up any room.

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