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25 Handmade Easter Ideas and Crafts to Try » Lovely Indeed

If you love crafts or crafts for the holidays, you’ll want to try each of these 25 DIY Easter ideas!

Handmade Easter ideas

Easter and spring are a time of renewal, bringing the flower buds and early spring sunshine we all crave!

It’s also a super fun time to break out your craft supplies and try a DIY or two, so we’ve got 25 handmade Easter ideas to keep you busy all season long!

These range from decor to fabric projects to Easter egg ideas that I can promise you haven’t seen yet. I hope you love trying your favorites.

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Easter crafts and ideas

If you’re someone who loves crafts, we’ve brought together a wide range of projects that will encourage you to try lots of different techniques!

Simple knit or crochet projects, paper crafts, and easy DIY ideas are all available in the store.

Gingerbread Easter Bunny Craft

How to make an Easter bunny gingerbread house

Gingerbread isn’t just for Christmas! This gingerbread house is clearly where the Easter Bunny lives, and it’s so much fun to put together. Bookmark this image to spend a craft afternoon with your kids or girlfriends. Here’s how to make it!

Naturally dyed eggs

These dreamy eggs It’s a super fun project to try, because it’s colored with natural dyes! They can be really great for kids as an guided science lesson too. If you’re not a fan of natural dyes, did you know that you can also spray paint eggs for a completely different look?

Image and project from The moon and the spoon and yum

Decorate Easter eggs with pressed flowers

I just adore these Compressed flower eggs! Collect flowers from your area, or even get a small bouquet from the grocery store. You can also make a very easy flower press at home using supplies you probably already have.

Image and project from Hi cool

Make edible sugar flowers

just me love these Sugar flowersI think it would be beautiful on a spring cake! This is a handmade Easter idea that is absolutely delicious.

Image and project from Fox farm house

Handmade rosemary wreaths

These delicate rosemary wreaths look so charming circling an egg, making the perfect place setting. Combine them with a spring floral centerpiece!

Image and project from Satori design for life

Paper egg decorations

I think these are beautiful Paper egg decorations This could be a great project for a class party! They’re simple enough for even kids to make, but they make a great DIY Easter idea. You can even turn it into a wreath.

Image and project from Fireflies and mud pies

Adorable Easter packaging

If you’re giving Easter gifts, take the time and care to wrap them in a stunning way like this Gift boxes! I love that they take simple dollar store toys and elevate them into something beautiful.

Image and project from Alice and Louis

Woven Easter basket

I bet you never thought you could create a full basket! This tutorial This is a great step-by-step tutorial that will have you making your own modern and simple Easter basket in no time.

Image and project from Damascene love

Small prizes for Easter egg hunts

Even the loser gets a trophy with funny Easter egg hunt prizes! These would be perfect for a group of friends or family that loves to have a good time. They are so easy to make and will take your Easter celebration to the next level.

Bunny banner

sorcerer Bunny banner That comes together easily! I love this handmade banner to add to your Easter decor.

Image and project from Alice and Louis

Simple drawn flowers

If you want to try your hand at drawing, This tutorial It makes her feel very approachable and attainable! I love the somewhat abstract florals and the unique fabric. It’s a great and very modern piece of Easter decor.

Image and project from Select your residence

Modern Easter egg paper sculpture

If you like modern ideas or geometric vibes, this is it Paper egg carving This is a fun handmade Easter idea! Kids can help fold the papers and it creates a really fun display.

Image and project from Salim

Faceted egg place card holders

Flight attendants will love this one! easy to create, Modern place card holders Egg-shaped, faceted and geometric. These are things you can create with friends and use year after year.

Image and project from Sugar + cloth

Handmade Easter ideas using textiles and fiber arts

The next collection of ideas is perfect if you’re trying sewing, knitting, crocheting, or just love fiber arts!

I also think some of these ideas could be combined to create something special and unique.

Handmade Easter basket made of flowers

the I felt like flowers Take a simple dollar store basket and make it extra special! I love this idea, and once you master felt flowers, you can use them in many diverse projects.

Image and project from Alice and Louis

Easter tapestry wall hanging

this project These can be made using a towel from the dollar store or dollar aisle for any season! It’s subtle, with just a hint of Easter and spring, but adds a modern touch to your home decor.

Image and project from One hundred loves

Delicate Easter Bunny Wreath

This isn’t very subtle but I love it, especially on a stained door! Magical Easter Bunny wreath This is so delicate you can’t resist trying to make one of your own.

Image and project from Beautiful mess

Make a bunny out of a knit square

I love this early knitting project! If you can knit a square, you can make this adorable knit bunny. Check the Tutorial To see the creative way you put it together.

Image and project from Knit studio

Drawstring drawstring bags

If you have a kids party coming up this spring, this would be an absolutely adorable gift bag idea! these Drawstring rabbit bags It comes with simple instructions that are great for early sewers.

Image and project from He whispered a plea

Crochet wall decor

Absolutely Enchanting project To try if you’re into crochet! I love the idea of ​​creating a few to share with friends.

Image and project from Golden lucy crafts

Stuffed carrots

How nice would this be? Stuffed carrots Have it in a basket as a table centerpiece? Or even the ubiquitous Easter brunch?

Image and project from He whispered a plea

Bunny dolls

This is one of the more complicated DIY Easter ideas on the list, but this one Bunny dolls It will be such a labor of love. A beautiful gift for a young child, to be kept as an heirloom!

Image and project by red ted art

Stitched bird decor

I can’t get enough of these adorable ones Stitched birds! This duck and chicken look like something my grandmother had and I think they are absolutely adorable. They are also not very difficult to make and would be fun to make with a young child as they learn to sew.

Image and project by Blue column box

Hand-stamped wipes

This moody color combo really does it for me! I love the rich green color of the hand-stamped napkins combined with the wood tones for an unexpected Easter palette. Hand stamp Napkins It would be a lovely touch on your Easter table.

Image and project from How to get home

Recycle Easter bags using sweaters

I love upcycled projects, and I thought it would be great to use an old thrifted sweater to make this Easter classic. Beautiful bags. Very beautiful!

Image and project by The sum of their stories

Carrot goodie bags

And talking about Beautiful bagsThis latest project is one of my favorites! Whimsical felt carrots and hand-painted signs are made by kids!

Image and project from Paper + stitch

Now any one of these handmade Easter ideas will make your to-do list this spring! I can’t wait to add one or two to our craft itinerary. xoxo


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