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24 hours in Los Angeles

Last week I spent less than 24 hours in Los Angeles and honestly, it was perfect, so perfect I had to tell you all about it. I went without kids, so the trip was actually a success. I don’t always talk about my travels here unless it’s something I think you should know. Even though I only lived there until I was two, I’ve always considered Los Angeles home because my parents grew up there and my grandparents lived here, but honestly, I haven’t spent a lot of time there as an adult, so there’s a lot to enjoy about it. That being said, it’s only an hour and a half away, so it’s a great destination from Utah.

The most beautiful boutique hotel in Los Angeles

A work event took me there for an evening, so I wanted to keep everything tight and concise in my little area. I had chosen a hotel in West Hollywood by the event and even though I know LA is not technically a great walkable city, I treated it as such and it was perfect! My event was on Melrose Avenue in Melroseplace LA so I chose a hotel fairly close by.

Dear Friend, Eva Jorgensen, is an avid travel enthusiast (she currently leads meticulously curated tours of Paris at the moment) and knows all the wonderful things there is to see and do. on her website She has a list of the best things to do and see in Los Angeles that she recommends 850 SVP HotelAnd it’s only a few blocks away. I did a little research and started to feel butterflies in my stomach. He looked so cute!

Interiors at Hotel 850 SVB

Hotelier Jeff Klein envisioned 850 SVB as a cross between an airbnb and a hotel — something very private and cozy without a corporate feel, but with all the amenities of a hotel. I didn’t even know these things were important to me until I got there and started noticing every detail. He took an old bungalow in San Vicente and restored it to charming perfection. The interiors were designed by Rita Koenig, one of my long-time favorite designers from the original Dominoes days. She is the perfect queen of magic and perfect layouts and this was no exception.

One carriage room

I chose to stay in the 200 square foot transport room, which is for one person. Even though it is small, it was designed with such care that I started to cry when I noticed every detail. Planning couldn’t get better with the space available showing that less than ideal scenarios often lead to the smartest solutions. She chose the perfect shade of blue on the walls (my guess is Farrow and Ball Oval Room Blue), gorgeous hardwood floors, and perfectly white linens on the built-in bed. I never thought I’d say this, but the closet was a masterpiece. It’s built into the bed and is deep enough to hold the two-tiered railed drawers and everything you might need during your stay: yoga mat, robes, umbrella, iron… I know these things are super common but man, they felt so thoughtful.

There is a built-in desk behind the bathroom that has everything you could want. They used a beautiful marble pattern for the stationery and room key which I wanted to keep framed, it’s so beautiful. And the bathroom? Such beautiful details as the toilet paper holder and antique brass faucet.

There are four floors and each entrance has its own distinct color palette, a detail Rita said she came up with so you know exactly which floor you’re on. For me, it was like a treasure hunt to discover all the details. Wool cloth was used on the walls, with silk decorations in beautiful colors that define the decorations. I tried to take pictures but the hallways are too dark.

Rooms at hotel 850 SVB

On the second floor is a shared living space on the second floor where there is a breakfast area in brighter yellow with a black and white tiled floor and a gorgeous lounge that captures the rustic feel of old Los Angeles. There is also a dining area on the terrace. Now, shame on me, I didn’t really look at the site before I went so I completely missed the rooftop, which looks amazing from the pictures. It just means I need to go back 🙂

Los Angeles Design District

Okay, okay, I could really talk about the hotel, but the other great thing about it is that it’s close to great restaurants and located in the Design District. I walked across the street to Bottega Louie where I had the best burrata pizza of my life. Make sure you get specialty pastries or pastas too. As I walked down Santa Monica Boulevard to La Cienega, I then went into some design stores and down to Melrose Avenue where the event was held. I then spent some time on the street enjoying the inspiration of the clothing stores as well, where each interior was a piece of art in itself.

I brought the new one with me condition A bunch of cell phone cases so I can photograph them in some of these fun interiors. Our new collection will be released this week, so stay tuned!

Food in West Hollywood

I wasn’t able to try the food Melroseplace los angeles For our event, but it looked delicious and the views were amazing, so try to get a rooftop view!

Take options in los angeles

I wanted to spend a lot of time at the hotel while still feeling like I got a good feel for the city, so I came back early and Door Dash to sample tacos from guisadosThis is a genius idea, guys. A few of them were too hot for my taste but don’t worry, I also ordered a birthday cake shake and a slice of cake from Milk bar, which hit the spot. When you’re in Los Angeles, right?!

I intended to go back to Bottega Louie’s for breakfast as it was very close even though the hotel serves a continental breakfast, but instead I got a green smoothie from… Create Also across the street, which really hit the spot.

At this point, I will look for any excuse to return to Los Angeles and repeat this itinerary. Let me know if you have any comments/questions!

24 hour LA itinerary at a glance


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